Arcade Paradise Lets You Go From Unhappy Laundromat Worker To Retro Game Mogul

Arcade Paradise Lets You Go From Unhappy Laundromat Worker To Retro Game Mogul
Image: Nosebleed Interactive

Have you ever wanted to simply throw in the towel, quit your job, and start an arcade?

Boy, do I have the trailer for you:

Arcade Paradise is a management sim about parlaying a dreary job at a laundromat into an arcade side hustle, and slowly growing that arcade to become the laundromat’s primary business.

“Wake up, mop, bins, wash, profit, sleep,” intones the trailer’s narrator, walking you through the laundromat’s day-to-day. An idea occurs: the same set of daily goals, with “Arcade” squeezed in before sleep. Clearly, the goal is to start small: a back room in the laundromat converted into an ad-hoc arcade. As your business model begins to shift and gaming profits start to roll in, you can begin to upgrade your arcade to take advantage of it, eventually converting the entire laundromat into a Timezone.

Bonus? The games are all playable.

It’s the deranged, mic-peaking screaming of the trailer’s narrator as their new business model comes into focus for me, though. That man is ready to give it all up for a second-hand Metal Slug cabinet and I respect it.

Honestly, I’m ready. I’m ready to buy a bunch of cabinets and create a secondary income stream that will make the tax office frown at me. I’m already a fan of weird job sims, so this is right up my alley.

Arcade Paradise launches on August 11, 2022, for PlayStation and Xbox platforms, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. Nosebleed Interactive is the studio behind it.


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