Blanc, A Story of Unlikely Friends, Is Going To Make Me Cry

Blanc, A Story of Unlikely Friends, Is Going To Make Me Cry

There was a lot of huge and very cool news from last night’s Nintendo Direct Mini, but the one game that really stood out to me was Blanc.

Blanc is, according to its developer Casus Ludi, ‘an artistic co-operative adventure that follows the journey of a wolf cub and a fawn stranded in a vast, snowy wilderness’.

When I watched this trailer last night, curled up in bed wearing very fluffy socks under a weighted blanket AND a doona, I found my heartstrings being tugged at. Two unlikely friends? Working together to find their families? And they are LEETLE BABIES?

I’m not okay.

Blanc, similarly to smash-hit It Takes Two, is a solely co-operative experience and will allow for players to either play together with couch co-op or online play.

Over the course of the game, you and your Player 2 will guide the fawn and the wolf cub through the world, and work together to get through obstacles.

The entire game is hand-drawn and truly feels like it has come right out of a storybook. It’s really quite beautiful that a game with absolutely no colour feels so full of life.

Image: Gearbox

Unlike It Takes Two, there is no voice acting or even dialogue in Blanc. I mean, they’re both animals. They cannot talk. Somehow, this makes the story of an unlikely friendship and a desire to help each other get home feel even more powerful.

When talking about the game, Florent De Grissac, founder and game designer at Casus Ludi, had this to say:

“Blanc is a passion project for us, and it is our first video game title. With Blanc, we want to create a meaningful experience without antagonism, based on mutual aid and empathy, for everyone to enjoy no matter their skill level.”

Image: Gearbox

Not only is Blanc a game that is about being nice to one another, but it is also a project that is so deeply cared about by its development team. I’m already getting emotional.

The team also describes Blanc as a game that ‘focuses on the journey and experience while tugging at the hearts of players,’ so they are basically pointing at me in the face and saying, ‘You WILL cry. You will CRY and you will LOVE IT.’

Gif: Gearbox

I can’t wait to see more exclusively co-op experiences like this. This game is going to ruin me (in a good way).

Blanc will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in February 2023.

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