Chris Pratt Ominously Declares His Mario Voice Is ‘Unlike Anything’ From The Games

Chris Pratt Ominously Declares His Mario Voice Is ‘Unlike Anything’ From The Games
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Since it was announced that Chris Pratt was going to voice Mario in the upcoming animated movie, many have been wondering: What will he sound like in the film? And…we still don’t have an answer to that question, but the Guardians of the Galaxy star recently teased that his Mario voice sounds “unlike anything you’ve ever heard before” in the franchise. And now I’m scared.

In a recent interview with Variety, Pratt shared that he was excited for folks to hear and see his take on Mario.

“I worked really closely with the directors,” Pratt told Variety, “and [tried] out a few things and landed on something that I’m really proud of and can’t wait for people to see and hear”.

Then, for some reason, Pratt decided to take a moment during this interview to explain to people the concept of animated films and how they are different from live-action films, explaining that he won’t be wearing a “plumber suit” and “running all over” the place in the movie. Again, don’t think a single person expected the animated Mario film to be live-action, but..uh..thanks.

After that, the former Parks and Rec star ominously teased his take on Mario.

“I’m providing a voice for an animated character,” Pratt reminded us, again. “And it is updated and unlike anything you’ve heard in the Mario world before.”

There are a lot of noises, voices, and sound effects in the Mario franchise. So, if he doesn’t sound like any of that, what the Hell is Pratt going to sound like when this movie comes out? Perhaps he’s going to scream all his lines? Or maybe, every piece of dialogue spoken by Mario will be reversed, creating a nightmarish spin on the character? Or maybe, and this is my own silly theory, Mario won’t actually speak in the film at all beyond like one line towards the end and this whole Chris Pratt thing is an elaborate ruse?

It’s been nearly a year since Nintendo confirmed via a Direct that the cast for the upcoming Mario animated film would include Pratt as Mario. Since that exact moment, folks have mostly been confused or disappointed by the choice, even after the film’s producer recently said people’s criticisms of Pratt would “evaporate” after they finally saw the film. I’m…not so sure of that.

If you are curious, you can read here about why so many folks hate Chris Pratt, but long story short: The dude has some questionable politics, went to a shitty church, and has recently over-saturated Hollywood. I mean, the guy is voicing Garfield in the next animated film about the lasagna-loving feline. He’s in the next big Thor sequel out next month. He’s currently starring in the latest Jurassic World feature. And he’s in the next big Amazon Prime action film. The dude is everywhere, and, understandably, folks are tired of it.

And now, even the upcoming Mario film — which was recently delayed until 2023 and remains officially untitled — isn’t safe to enjoy if you are tired of seeing or hearing more of Pratt’s generic dude-bro-white-guy shtick.

At least the odds are high that this new Mario movie will be terrible and boring, so you likely won’t even care about skipping it.



  • Meanwhile, the biggest movie related news that Kotaku has actively refused to do any actually reporting on has to do with Ezra Miller.

    Instead they keep pushing Chris Pratt hate.

    “Hey let’s hate on Chris Pratt because he has “questionable politics” and publish literal article after article about him.

    Meanwhile, Ezra Miller exists. I seriously wonder if it’s because Ezra NB. Knowing KotakuUS, it most likely is.

    • It’s precisely the problem with the types of people you’re talking about, including most Kotaku US authors and especially their glorious editor who approves all of it.

      They absolutely give some seriously awful shit a pass just because someone checks a ‘correct’ box, or the person they did something to DOESNT check the ‘correct’ box… And they’ll blatantly lie to do it.

      Just as Kotaku lied in the Rittenhouse related article a while back that had some of the most absolutely batshit ‘journalism’ and insane rewriting of events (verifiable events caught on camera no less) that I’ve ever seen in my fuckin’ life.

    • To play devils advocate, Pratt is voicing Japanese video game characters while Ezra is playing western comic book movies. The latter is not Kotaku’s supposed wheelhouse, though of course that has never stopped kotaku before (see: Amber Heard defence article, Rittenhouse articles, any major event article)

      • Exactly this.

        I’m waiting for more articles about Roe V Wade, with some hand-waving magic to link it to video games, or something, or just like the Rittenhouse one, and have absolutely zero to do with anything “Kotaku” related

    • Most of the time when somebody complains about a lack of coverage on a newly breaking story, something shows up not long after because of the usual review process.

      I had to look up what you were even talking about and I’m going assume it’s the guns/drugs/kids news that literally only just entered the cycle.

      • Ezra Miller has been making headlines as a “problematic person” since 2020, when he was filmed choking a woman. (Flash movie was brought into question at the time because of said incident)

        Also, 2 separate incidents in Hawaii in March/April this year, and now this.

        If Chris Pratt is “problematic” because of things he hasn’t actually done or said, then what does that say about Ezra Miller?

  • Something to consider: Mario has had many voices. Pratt will be the 5th or 6th that I know of. And yes I’m including the live action movie here. None of them sound very similar.

    • Mario has had 29 Voice actors, with Martinet voicing the most.

      Sonic has had 55 VAs, with Roger Craig Smith being the most frequent (english) VA.

      Don’t remember the outrage that followed Sonic not being voiced by him in the 2 live action movies.

      Sounds like “Pratt-derangement Syndrome” hahaha

  • Very sick of all the Chris Pratt hate.

    Imagine if we didn’t have the Australian Kotaku staff. This place would become unbearable.

    • if we didnt have Alex, Ruby, Tegan, David, Serrels, Goose, Junglist etc this place would not exist at all.

      It really is amazing just however different this site is compare to the US site and UK site when it existed

  • These kinds of articles always give me a flashback of the “Love Always Wins You Guys” that we used to get 5-8 Years ago, to which i was always sceptical.
    I think youll find those same types of people who uttered those words are quick to grab their axe when they dont like someone.

  • I mean, isn’t that a good thing? Did anyone seriously want Chris Pratt doing a shitty Martinet impersonation for the entire film?

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