Crafting Survival Game Nightingale Shows Off Portal System At Summer Game Fest

Crafting Survival Game Nightingale Shows Off Portal System At Summer Game Fest

Nightingale is at Summer Game Fest to ask one question only: “What if you could shoot fairies with a gun?” And I’m here for it. Inflexion Games, the studio led by an ex-BioWare manager, just showed off the portal system for its upcoming survival co-op title.

The newest trailer showed that the game will feature a “realm card” system, in which the player can choose their destination, suggesting a non-linear story system in the game. In order to obtain these realm cards (which look a lot like tarot cards), you have to craft them from rare resources. And the Nightingale character almost gets bodied by a wild ram, so you’re definitely not playing as an all-powerful hero character.

This crafting-shooter game was previously shown off at The Game Awards last year. The trailer showed a group of adventurers who are trapped in the world of the fae. Players must use the portals to find their way to Nightingale, the last human city, where they can explore ruins and fend off fae creatures in first-person combat. The official Steam page says that Nightingale is a PvE game with both solo and co-op mode.

The original trailer also showed a settlement-building element that lets you build estates and farms. You’ll need to craft your own tools, cook your own food, and make your own weapons, some of which can be imbued with magical properties. Of course, this also means that you have to collect your own resources and recipes. As someone who was recently bitten by the V Rising bug, I’m hoping that the systems in Nightingale are similarly engrossing.

Studio founder Aaryn Flynn was the general manager of BioWare until 2017. In his departure letter, he said that he had been considering a professional change for some time, and he finally felt ready to leave once Casey Hudson returned to the studio. On July 18, he ended a 17-year career at BioWare.

The game will launch on PC in the last quarter of 2022. Early access testing will also begin in 2022, and you can sign up for notifications at Inflexion’s website. The developers currently anticipate the early access period to last between nine to 12 months.

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