Darth Vader Is Scaring The Shit Out Of Fortnite Players

Darth Vader Is Scaring The Shit Out Of Fortnite Players

Darth Vader is scaring the shit out of Fortnite players that attempt to challenge him.

In fairness, Fortnite made it clear that Vader would be a menace right off the rip, replicating Rogue One‘s most terrifying scene as an announcement trailer.

The character currently features as a Level 100 skin in the Chapter 3, Season 3 Battle Pass but has this week been added as an on-map boss. Vader’s dropship cruises down to one of several spots on the map surface at the beginning of each map. There, he will emerge with a small squad of Stormtroopers and await the arrival of any players fool enough to battle him.

If you draw his aggro, Vader will ignite his lightsaber and use the Force to leap vast distances, closing the gap between you in an instant.

Shooting him one-on-one lets him deflect bullets with his lightsaber before throwing it at you. He tears loose nearby objects out of the ground and hurls them at your face. You can’t even run from him because he can use the Force to haul you back in.

Some of you might be thinking “what if I just run him over in a car?” Foolish. He will simply pick the thing up, with you in it, and throw it away.

If you manage to take Vader down, you can pick up his red lightsaber for the remainder of the match. And before you ask, no, there is no discernable advantage to attacking him from the high ground. I know. A missed opportunity.

The last time we had a fight like this on our hands was in Chapter 2, Season 4 (aka The Marvel Season). Wolverine would prowl the Weeping Woods area and the only way to unlock his skin was to take him down. He was lightning fast, his claws did phenomenal damage, and his large health pool would regenerate because he’s Wolverine. I’m embarrassed by how much work I had to put in to get that skin. The only guaranteed way to take him down was to go in with a four-player squad, use one player to draw aggro, and have the remaining three go firing squad his mutant arse. Taking him down got you his Mythic-tier claws as a melee weapon.

Anyway, if you want to take your chances against Darth Vader, he’ll be terrorising the Fortnite map for at least the next week or so.

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