Diablo Immortal Could Run Your Wallet Way More Than You Thought

Diablo Immortal Could Run Your Wallet Way More Than You Thought

Diablo Immortal may be a solid mobile version of Blizzard’s hack-and-slash dungeon crawler, but it’s no secret the game has been mired in controversy due to its egregious microtransactions. It was previously speculated that maxing out a single character could cost as much as $US100,000 ($AU144,446). However, it now seems the estimate was very low, as the actual amount may run upwards of half a million.

Fully upgrading a Diablo Immortal character requires legendary gems, which are obtained from Elden Rifts. These quests reward you with the coveted jewels upon their completion. But because this is a gacha game, they’re spouted out at varying degrees of random rarities, as these things tend to go.

The likelihood of getting a fully upgraded five-star legendary gem is less than 1%, according to calculations by Redditor BullHorn 7 from earlier this month. You could use legendary crests at $US2.50 ($AU3.60) each to increase those chances, with the option to equip 10 crests before the start of each Elden Rift. That’s $US25 ($AU36) just to get a single all-the-way-maxed-out, legendary five-star gem. However, there’s an “awakening” mechanic which lets you upgrade the gems more, and that’s what ends up hiking the cost of levelling a character from $US100,000 ($AU144,00) to upwards of $US540,000 ($AU780,000). You could effectively see this as the game’s real, hidden level cap.

According to Twitter user Andrew “SpaceDrakeCF” Dice, a founder of the indie Japanese game localisation studio Carpe Fulgur, awakening your legendary five-star jewel unlocks five more gem slots, which then can also be upgraded. You need a material called dawning echo and talk to Vic the Master Jeweller in Westmarch before you can awaken your gems, but once you’ve completed all the prerequisites, you can then drain your wallet to hopefully make your character OP.

“So now that some people have begun max-levelling their five-star gems (because yes, you also need to level the dam things), it turns out that there’s an additional mechanic,” Dice tweeted. “You can awaken a five-star gem to give an item five additional gem slots.”

Dice linked to a Reddit post by user ShiftYourCarcass, who briefly went over the methodology for how and why it would cost so much to fully max out a character in Diablo Immortal. They explained that part of the price comes from the dawning echo material, which can be easier to obtain via the in-game store for 1000 eternal orbs or $US25 ($AU36) for the 1500 eternal orb pack. Talk about yikes.

“If you’re to be lucky and average around $US15,000 ($AU21,666) per 5/5 star gem for 36 gems, that alone would tally up to $US540,000 ($AU780,000),” ShiftYourCarcass wrote. “On top of that, you’ll need six dawning echos, which is an additional $US30 ($AU43) per gem for six gems which is $US180 ($AU260). Now, the thing is on top of that you’ll be looking for specific 5/5 star gems for you character build, you’ll also need duplicates of that gem to upgrade the 5/5 star gem so the cost of $US540,000 ($AU780,000) is a basis if you have good luck, and up to over one million dollars for those unlucky whales.”

Kotaku has reached out to Blizzard for comment.

It’s always worth pointing out that you aren’t obligated to partake in stupid in-game microtransactions like these. You could have an awesome time with Diablo Immortal without spending a single dollar, though it does become troublesome if you want to participate in some of the game’s PvP. In that regard, it feels almost as though Blizzard is funelling you into spending money just so you stand a competitive chance. It’s not hard to see why the game had the lowest Metacritic score ever a little earlier this month then.

I do, however, wanna shoutout Twitch streamer Quin69 who, after spending $AU10,000 and got absolutely zero five-star legendary gems, finally got one $AU15,000 later. That’s a real one.


  • The problem with these types of games from Blizzard is you’re constantly chasing those high dps numbers. If you reach the free to pay ceiling, the game was designed with the help of psychologists to help make you want to get better and do more numbers! I haven’t even bothered playing it because I know there’s no point without spending money to reach those stars.

    • Your points are valid sir.

      I would argue that it is a good game, the real answer is why spend the money at all?Play it until you stop enjoying it then stop. What if any desire would you have to be the tip of the spear here?

      • Please understand, literally everyone understands what you’re saying.

        I, personally, can log in for 20 minutes of Diablo Immortal and have a decent time without spending a cent. And I can do that with pretty much any gatcha-style game.

        However many can’t do this. And these are the people who WILL fall trap to the predatory practices seen in games designed in this manner.
        That’s what makes them so evil and disliked.

        It’s great that you can enjoy a well polished “free” game… but for others, Diablo Immortal will become something much darker.

  • Continue the good reasoning to prove just how much to ignore these real world $$$ farming game mechanics that have been around for years.

  • Actually the half a million analysis is extrapolating the cost of a single Legendary gem. Veild Shot did a very detailed analysis, considering that you get “X” legendary gems cheap early on. Its closer to $100,000 in reality.

    The first $1k is equal to the next $20k.

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