EB Games Has Added A Condition To PS5, Xbox Series X Preorders That’s Clearly Aimed At Scalpers

EB Games Has Added A Condition To PS5, Xbox Series X Preorders That’s Clearly Aimed At Scalpers

Preorders for PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles have reopened at EB Games.

This piece first ran on Kotaku Australia on November 9, 2021. It has been republished as a weekend read.

In a move to prevent scalpers from nabbing the lot, you’ll have to visit your local store to put in an order. If you’re not sure where your nearest EB Games store is, you can find out here.

EB Games requires a minimum deposit of $200 for both PS5 and Xbox console preorders. There’s also a hard limit of one console per customer, another move to keep the scalpers at bay.

EB advises that the preorder stock of both consoles is extremely limited. Orders placed today are expected to arrive in mid-November to December. If you’re hoping to secure one of these consoles for Christmas, this could be your last, best chance to do so.

You certainly don’t need us to tell you how hard these consoles have been to come by this past year.

As always, EB has trade deals in place.

At EB Games, the PS5 Disc console retails for $749.95. That will drop that to $499 if you trade in a PS4 Pro console to. A 500GB PS4 will bring the price down to AU$549.

It’s a similar story with the Xbox Series X, which also retails at $749. Trading in an Xbox One X console will drop the price to $499. An Xbox One S brings the price down to $549.

If you do intend to trade in your old console, don’t forget that you’ll need cables and a controller to receive the full trade-in value.

Good luck out there, bargain hunters.


  • ” If you’re hoping to secure one of these consoles for Christmas, this could be your last, best chance to do so.”

    Such is the extent that the consumerist mindset has penetrated our culture, where being unable to buy someone a thing from Christmas is considered catastrophic! A disaster! May the lord have mercy upon the unfortunate soul who couldn’t buy the 700 dollar video-game console in time for a petulant child.

    Untangling society from capitalism won’t fix that.

    • Take it easy, Joker. They put one line in about it being an opportunity to secure the console as a Christmas present, the rest was all your inclusion/projection.

      • In Best Korea, Christmas present buys you and cuts you down with axe, not that we ‘celebrate’ such displays of non-Juche capitalist decadence.

    • Or maybe just…you know as a present, or to be able to play the best games that come out by then…and around the time most people have holidays from school/work?

    • Woah, did I take a wrong turn and end up in a university lecture? My mistake, I thought this was a gaming blog, is that is the room down the hall instead?

    • Forget to take your meds today? Birthdays and Xmas are the only two real excuses for giving presents to the people in your life and it’s fun and rewarding to do so. Get over it psycho.

  • They had the same requirement when I pre-ordered in May. Cancelling and getting my money back wasn’t an issue either, incidentally.

    • Yeah I bought one for my son in the same window. I got a call from the store when it arrived saying it was in stock. I explained I was working long hours that week and started and finished work before and after they closed but I’d be there on the weekend to collect. The snot who worked there told me I had 3 days to collect or it would be sold to someone else (I’m guessing his mate) I then explained that as a level 4 member I had extra time to collect preorders. He tried to talk around that as well so I asked for his name and details so I could pass it onto the area manager to discuss. He folded. Scalpers are everywhere.

  • What a day for the unemployed!

    I bussed it around to 5 ebgames stores and spent my fortnightly cheque on preorders. Already sold one on eBay for more than enough to cover the deposits.

    Thanks EB for doing this on a weekday when hard workin people have no chance of getting into store before I grabbed them all. Yay

  • Near pointless article. Every EB Games I rang said they sold out as of 1pm yesterday, that is 1 & 1/2 hours after this article was posted.

  • This is why I highly recommend Xbox all access via Telstra. You pay less in the long run for the console and gamepass, and if they don’t have one in stock, you get the next drop in a few days.

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