Fortnite Welcomes War Criminal Orochimaru, More Naruto Characters To The Festivities

Fortnite Welcomes War Criminal Orochimaru, More Naruto Characters To The Festivities

Hope you’re still a fan of battle royale games with a penchant for cognitively dissonant crossovers because Epic Games has announced that more Naruto characters are airdropping their way into Fortnite.

Itachi Uchiha, Orochimaru, Gaara, and Mrs. Uzumaki herself, Hinata Hyuga, will be coming to Fortnite’s item shop. The event starts on June 23 and will run until July 7.

Fortnite’s Naruto Rivals crossover features three separate bundles: the Itachi and Orochimaru bundle, the Gaara and Hinata bundle, and the Ninja Gear Bundle.

The Itachi and Orochimaru bundle contains the following items:

  • Itachi Uchiha skin, including an alternate Anbu Black Ops outfit and mask
  • Orochimaru skin, including his Hidden Leaf Era uniform
  • An island bound ninja loading screen

The Gaara and Hinata Bundle contains:

  • Gaara skin, including Gaara’s Sand Gourd Backbling and Sand Cloud glider
  • Hinata Hyuga skin, including Hinata’s Backpack Backbling
  • A shinobi lineup loading screen

The Ninja Gear Bundle contains:

  • The Rasenshuriken emote
  • Manda glider
  • Minato’s Kunai pickaxe
  • Sword of Kusanagi pickaxe
  • And an Akatsuki wrap for your virtual blicky

Alternate outfits will also be available for each character, most notably featuring Hinata sporting her soccer mum Boruto: Naruto the Next Generation outfit and Gaara in his “I pay bills now” Fifth Kazegage uniform.

In addition to outfits and other purchasable trinkets, you can unlock Naruto-themed emotes and ultimate rewards like the Akatsuki Wrap and the Manda Glider by completing quests as the quartet of characters in the returning Nindo Community Challenges.

Read More: Fortnite’s Naruto Crossover Finally Lets Sakura Have A Gun

Back in November of last year, Fortnite first announced its Naruto crossover with the arrival of Team 7: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi. The crossover resulted in hilarious online memes where Sasuke finally finds happiness (before abruptly meeting his end by Ariana Grande), Sakura taking a shot at her haters, and Naruto using his ultimate jutsu, the Rasen-Gun.

Similarly to the previous Naruto Fortnite crossover, I expect to see videos crop up online of Orochimaru committing (even more) war crimes in Greasy Grove, Sasuke and Itachi bonding by wiping out other people’s families for a change, and Hinata showing off her yandere Road to Ninja mean streak. Gaara, on the other hand, deserves a life away from the senseless saturated violence Fortnite is known for. Maybe instead of popping fools he can build a fort for his flowers. It’s what he deserves.

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