FromSoftware’s Next Game Almost Done, Staffing Up For ‘Several’ New Projects

FromSoftware’s Next Game Almost Done, Staffing Up For ‘Several’ New Projects
Image: FromSoftware

Elden Ring finally released just a few months ago, topping the charts ever since, but FromSoftware doesn’t appear to be slowing down. The Dark Souls studio is already hiring for “multiple” new games, and director Hidetaka Miyazaki reports in a new interview that one of them is already close to completion.

Earlier today, FromSoftware tweeted a link to a brand new recruitment site with a bunch of job listings, saying that the company was hiring staff for a wide range of positions across several new projects. The art in the tweet included not just depictions of Sekiro, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls, but also the mech shooter Armoured Core, one of the studio’s much beloved but long dormant franchises. The job listing page, meanwhile, included over a dozen positions ranging from game design and art to programming and development support.

It’s hardly uncommon for game companies to recruit on social media, but given FromSoftware’s status and the wide-ranging success of Elden Ring, fans have been eager to know what the studio will focus on next. The hiring pitch also landed alongside a new 4Gamer interview with Miyazaki, in which the Elden Ring director said he’s already working on his next game, and that an as-yet unannounced project at the studio is already in the final stages of development.

While Miyazaki didn’t hint at what either of those games are, fans have long been waiting for FromSoftware to return to Armoured Core, which hasn’t seen a new entry since 2013. Miyazaki promised as far back as 2016 that a new mech game would arrive at some point, and an Armoured Core 6 has been rumoured to be in development since 2017. This year is also the 25th anniversary of the series, and images of the game seemingly leaked back in January.

Fans have also been eager for a sequel to the PS4 exclusive Bloodborne. While a Bloodborne 2 is clearly top of mind for many, rumours have swirled about a possible remaster of the game for PS5 in the vein of 2020’s Demon’s Souls Remake. Just last month, a fake Twitter account posing as the gaming Twitter super user Nibellion briefly convinced everyone that a Bloodborne remaster had actually been announced.

Of course, there’s always a possibility Miyazaki and the rest of the studio’s newer projects are completely new games. The company’s recruitment tweet also contained art for Déraciné, a 2018 adventure game released for PlayStation VR. Given Sony’s big push behind the upcoming PS VR 2 headset, it wouldn’t be shocking if FromSoftware was recruiting to make another exclusive for the new platform.


  • I can’t believe they’ve kept a Bloodborne project quiet…..I’m really hoping they have though.

  • I hope they finally announce another Armoured Core game. I’ve never played the series and from what I’ve seen it’s not my type of game, but for those that have been waiting patiently for almost a decade… please!

  • To see them branch out even more would be a wonderful thing, people who haven’t played the games don’t realise how utterly different they are to eachother, and though I haven’t played any before I would absolutely give a new Armoured Core a go. Also give us Bloodborne on PC please, no remaster necessary, that’s all we want. Speaking of which:

    ‘rumours have swirled about a possible remaster of the game for PS5 in the vein of 2020’s Demon’s Souls Remake.’

    In the vein of Demon’s Souls would be a remake not a remaster, I mean it’s right there in the name that you yourself typed out…

    • That’s Bluepoint for you, remaking games with a remaster mindset and being loose with the distinctions at every given opportunity .

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