Genius Hero-Man Rebuilds His PS5 To Less Than An Inch Wide

Genius Hero-Man Rebuilds His PS5 To Less Than An Inch Wide
Screenshot: DIY Perks / Kotaku

There is, inevitably, going to be a PS5 Slim. Not least because the current PS5 is the size and shape of a Dubai skyscraper, but because Sony always releases a thinner version of their consoles after a few years. But we’re at least a couple of years away from that, meaning we need instead to turn toward modern hero, Matthew Perks, of YouTube channel DIY Perks. Who achieved his goal using water pumps, circular saws, and an oven.

Slimmer than the current PS5 perhaps wouldn’t be the biggest challenge. So much of the gargantuan machine’s width comes from the flourishes in its casing, alongside an absolutely enormous power supply. Matt’s approach to the project is astonishingly ambitious, replacing absolutely anything that ventures too far into three-dimensional realms with his own home-hacked creations.

Aside from the power supply, the Sony-designed PS5 has some pretty sticky-outy heatsinks and other cooling requirements. Given just how much temperature the machine pumps out, this was clearly going to be the most important part to replace. But since water-cooling requires hefty pipes, this led Perks down the most extraordinary route of building his own hand-made water-cooling system between copper sheets.

The further I watched into this video, the more I felt like a) I have achieved nothing with my life and am a bumbling fool who can barely tie his own shoelaces, and b) Matthew Perks is an actual wizard.

Just listen to the way he says things like, “I discovered that the original PS5 requires an ancient diamond found only on the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro,” and then responds to himself with, “But I realised I could replace this with a bottle cap that I’ve transmogrified into gold using alchemy and this plastic tube.” And does it while being so ridiculously likeable.

Seriously, this video is a whole emotional roller coaster, and while I won’t spoil anything, it’s a joy to realise that the two-month-long project didn’t check things off-camera before filming.

For goodness sake, unless you too are an actual wizard, please don’t attempt anything like this yourself. You will definitely die, and possibly kill others around you as you do.

Also, make sure to check out other videos on DIY Perks, because they’re just fantastic.



    • Yeah, agree.

      I understand that the increased sizes of this gen’s consoles is largely for thermal reasons. It seems that Perks is transplanting the means of cooling (and its power supply) internally to an external component, in the process splitting the bulkiness between parts, increasing it’s complexity, and increasing it’s cost.

      But it seems, nevertheless, an innovative redesign and a testament to his knowledge and skill to pull off a piece of creative engineering that can, arguably, lay claim to the first “slim” PS5, but also seemingly achieve outstanding cooling, where the OG PS5 is borderline inadequate.

      Sony’s doing that at a more reasonable budget and in a more convenient, albeit big, form-factor, so I know which one if more consumer friendly 😂

  • Spend several hundred dollars on moding a PS5 : use a 5 dollar pencil case to prop up the ridiculous power supply and cooling system.

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