Here’s How To Add U.S. Supreme Court Justices To Minecraft For No Reason At All

Here’s How To Add U.S. Supreme Court Justices To Minecraft For No Reason At All
Image: Fred Schilling / Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States / Mojang / Kotaku

Minecraft is still one of the biggest games in the world more than a decade after its launch. At the same time, the justices of the United States Supreme Court are all over the news lately. It’s a no-brainer: Let’s put those judges in Minecraft!

It’s never been easier to add fun avatars of friends, family members, or the ultimate, lifetime-tenured arbiters of American law to Minecraft. And afterwards, you can have all kinds of fun with them, from going on adventures to mining for precious gems. I mean, you can really do whatever you want, even stuff like, I don’t know, slashing them with swords, impaling them on tridents, shooting them with arrows, or burying them in a deep, dark hole for as long as you like. Aren’t video games great?

In any case, the first thing you’ll need to do is find or make your skins. That’s where The Skindex comes in. As the name suggests, The Skindex is a massive repository of Minecraft skins uploaded by the game’s community. Not only that, but the site also features an online editor that allows you to create a skin from scratch or alter one that already exists in its archives.


I’m not very artistic, so I was happy to find that The Skindex already includes several Supreme Court justice-style skins. There’s one modelled after Chief Justice John Roberts, for instance, that could just as easily be Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanaugh, as well as generic skins of male and female judges resembling Neil Gorsuch and Amy Coney Barrett. I couldn’t find a stand-in for Clarence Thomas, the court’s lone African-American judge, but that’s nothing some basic editing can’t fix.

Once you have the skins sorted out, the process for adding them to Minecraft varies depending on which version you’re using. Java Edition features a tab in the Windows launcher that lets you upload the requisite PNG file, whereas doing the same in Bedrock Edition and Pocket Edition requires starting the game and visiting the “Dressing Room” on the main menu. And if you share these tips with your friends, you can all get together and put on mock trials of your own.

Screenshot: Mojang / KotakuScreenshot: Mojang / Kotaku

Making the justices NPCs in your Minecraft world, on the other hand, takes a bit more work. I would suggest visiting Nova Skin, another custom skin repository that includes player-created mob designs, to make or download suitable replacements for the game’s creepers, zombies, and skeletons. I won’t go through all the steps here because it’s much more complicated, but you should then have everything you need to create your own custom resource pack.

A large part of Minecraft’s popularity comes from the way it gives players the freedom to build their ideal worlds. I can’t fathom why anyone would want to come within spitting distance of a United States Supreme Court justice, but those of you out there with that oddly specific fantasy can now realise it via the magic of Minecraft. Have fun!



    • Just to clarify, I would’nt want to pollute my game with these pieces of shit after their rulings…

    • Yeah nah, at least the author has a sense of humour. It’s possibly you just don’t like laughing?

      • Hi Blake

        If the article was the author joking about about adding AOC as a target to sniper elite 5 would you still be okay with it?

        After all, if the author is only joking it’s perfectly okay according to you.

        • Of course I should add we would both find it hilarious because oh how sad and desperate it makes the person who created it seems. While these mods werent created with the intention of hate.

          While one game is ultra realistic it would be in poor taste, the others are just voxels on a screen and in way way represents any reality.

          • So you agree that Ian is desperate and sad for fantasizing about murdering supreme court judges?

          • @djbear let’s not buy into the Jack Thompson-esque hyperbole that games influence real life. Even if someone placed fantasy versions of celebrities or real life people in a videogame, it doesn’t mean they’d really do it. Hell, my mate was Freddie Mercury in Saints Row 3, I was David Bowie, we blew each other up (yes… up) all night long. Doesn’t mean we’re sick for doing so.

            So let’s not all get carried away with the idea this makes people ‘sick’, it’s probably just one more way for people to vent their frustrations if anything.

            Besides, you guys all hate each other on here, it’s been what, a decade watching the back and forth? You take any chances you can to snipe at each other (I’ve been dragged in time to time), honestly, the topic could be water being wet or not, and I’m *positive* we’d still be here watching the monkeyshow…

  • So Minecraft (Java) adds a new feature that will allow people to report other players in game to Microsoft and get their accounts banned permanently across all services and the internet is blowing up about it, and this, THIS is the Minecraft article we get.

  • “Can’t wait to hang the villagers/long-nose tribe/queers…. In minecraft XP” – Right Wing Extremists.

    It’s always lefties who can’t come up with anything original; from the Soviet Union copying foreign countries’ technology throughout its entire existence to journoscum copying far-right in-jokes.

    Reminder that Ian has still kept silence on the Israeli apartheid state’s Warsaw-ghetto like treatment of the Palestinian people this year, just because it’s not the popular socjus outrage ‘thing’ amongst his journoscum friends.

    • I’m genuinely convinced you’re incapable of having a thoughtful, reasonable opinion.

      Seriously, if your posting persona isn’t an elaborate prank, I hope you’re doing ok because you don’t seem like it.

  • Haha. Thanks for a laugh of such a dark day for womens right and basic sanity and intellectual thought.

    • Kotaku ‘allows’ whatever it likes. free speech and all, you know. I hear you’re kinda fond of it

      And to paraphrase a pretty common line from djbear, it’s only a game, eh?

      but maintain the rage mate, maintain the rage

      • Sorry for being against the murder of supreme court judges.

        Apparently, you are perfectly okay with that mate. Pretty fascist of you tbh, you don’t get your way so you want to murder people who disagree with you.

        What a sad life you live

        • I dont know the only sad people in the world today, are the questionable members of the Supreme Court, and those in power who shamelessly sidestepped laws to put them there and all those who vote for Republicans to save unborn lives, while also allowing REAL kids to be murdered by the dozens through a lack of gun control.

          What is also sad, is that you dont seem to understand the sheer level of badness this decision has on women in America but the possible knock on affect the word over, people are angry, VERY angry, you cant pretend that that fury doesnt need to go anywhere… if slashing a pixel in minecraft helps, so be in, no one real is hurt, nor is the image life-like. Its much better to do that than to punch a wall, kick a cat, or bottle the fury inside until it causes people real health consequences.

          It’s Minecraft, they are pixels (well and voxels) on a screen, not a statement of violent intent!

          • I am for legal abortion
            I don’t support the decision by the judges
            I am a strong supporter of gun control

            I am against people wanting to murder judges for not agreeing with them, that’s fascism.

          • If your response to something like this is to fantasize killing said person you need mental help.

            Normal people don’t act like this.

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