Kojima Studio Confirms ‘Good Relationship’ With Sony After Xbox News, Angry Fanboy Reactions

Kojima Studio Confirms ‘Good Relationship’ With Sony After Xbox News, Angry Fanboy Reactions
Image: Kojima Productions

Do you hear that? Out in the distance, you can hear thousands of angry fanboys continuing to fight online in the endlessly sad console war. The latest battle involves Metal Gear and Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima and his independent studio deciding to do business with Microsoft and work on an Xbox-exclusive game. This, to some, is high treason. And seemingly in response to those angry fans (as well as to genuinely curious onlookers), Kojima Productions has issued a statement reassuring people that it will continue to work with Sony and PlayStation in the future.

Over the weekend, Microsoft held a big Xbox and Bethesda video game showcase. During the event — which featured a lot of trailers, new gameplay of Starfield, announcements, and more — Kojima appeared for a very brief segment. Basically, the famous video game designer showed up to say “Hey, I’m making a game with Xbox using cloud tech…uh…I’ll have more to say later!”

Pretty harmless stuff. And sure, it’s a bit silly that Kojima simply making a game has become a monumentally important bit of news, but hey, Death Stranding and MGS3 were really good. So, like, I get it, I guess. But know who doesn’t, in fact, “get it” and is angry about all this? Insane PlayStation fanboys. I’m not talking about the people who prefer playing PS5 over Xbox Series X or who like God of War more than Halo. I’m talking about the deranged console fans who have more in common with right-wing nutjobs or crazed cultists than with most gamers.

And these particular folks are mad.

Screenshot: Change.org / KotakuScreenshot: Change.org / Kotaku

Some of them have already started at least one petition begging Kojima to cancel his Xbox game, lamenting that some people can’t afford an Xbox or don’t like cloud gaming. (This ignores that the game will likely appear on PC and could even be a streaming-only thing playable on phones and laptops…) You can quickly also find numerous angry posts and tweets below any news about Kojima’s Xbox deal if you start digging around online.

So, seemingly in response to all this and to people questioning what this might imply about Kojima relationship with PlayStation, the company issued a statement on Twitter confirming what you probably already guessed: As an independent studio, it’s able to work with multiple partners and companies at the same time.

After the announcement of our partnership with Microsoft using the cloud technology, many people have asked us about our collaboration with SIE [Sony Interactive Entertainment]. Please be assured that we continue to have a very good partnership with PlayStation as well.

Kotaku has also reached out to Kojima Productions about the statement, but this type of setup, where a company works with other companies at the same time on multiple projects, is very common, and it’s weird so many angry fans are acting as if Kojima has personally betrayed them.

But when you base your entire personality and life around specific plastic boxes and brands, you tend to suffer from some brain worms.



  • ‘and it’s weird so many angry fans are acting as if Kojima has personally betrayed them’… it is hardly weird, it is pretty much what people do with social media these days, use the anonymity of the platforms to act out in ever increasing ways, for either person attention or validation, because they think they are better than professionals making calculated decisions that is best for them or their project.

    When I heard the decision it was jarring and disappointing, then went on with my day. The guy makes one hell of a game, and while I dont always like his every in game decision, I trust him as an artist and frankly he IS free to do whatever the hell he wants with his life, without personally consulting millions of gamers he has never met.

  • Jesus chocolate teapot Christ, if MS wants to pay him to make a game, who the bloody hell cares, their an independent studio.
    Its like getting angry because you’re neighbour paid the guy who mows your lawns to also cut theirs.
    It doesn’t affect your lawns, you’re not missing out!

    • (Seriously, your neighbour, autocorrected to you’re but, your lawns, had to be changed manually?! wtf phone)

  • Worth noting that the petition shown in the article is 11 months old.

    Doesn’t change how utterly stupid it is, but it definitely wasn’t started in respond to the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase.

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