Let The Gamesmen Send You Into A Nostalgia Coma

Let The Gamesmen Send You Into A Nostalgia Coma

Incredibly The Gamesmen, one of Australia’s last independent game stores, celebrates 35 years in business this year. Considering the amount of stores that have shut up shop, that’s a tremendous achievement.

This piece originally ran on Kotaku Australia on March 17, 2017. It has been republished as a weekend read.

It’s a family run business with an incredible story of pure resilience. I visited roughly five years ago when the store was celebrating its 30th anniversary and I remember the Cusamanos showing me some of their old catalogues.

Catalogues are a bit of a relic now, it’s essentially a list of new releases in a magazine format — but in the 90s these things were a pure delight. They’d arrive, you’d flick through (“I want this game for my birthday, this one for Christmas”) and then you’d bug your parents for the next three months.

But here’s what The Gamesmen have done: they’ve put just about every single catalogue they ever made online on their homepage. You can flick through them and reminisce yourself into a nostalgia coma from which you might never wake.

Every single page has been uploaded, and uses that funky plug-in that allows you to almost physically flick between pages. Very appropriate here.

I love it. I didn’t even grow up in Australia and feeling all giddy inside.

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