How The Cast Of Ms Marvel Made The Most Relatable Show In The MCU

How The Cast Of Ms Marvel Made The Most Relatable Show In The MCU
Ms Marvel Cast Interview (Image: Marvel Studios/Disney)

On June 8, the world will be introduced to Marvel’s newest hero, Ms Marvel, and there’s more than one reason she is well worth paying attention to.

Not only is Ms Marvel the first South Asian superhero in the MCU, but she’s also one of the youngest. Her solo series on Disney+ injects a refreshing teen vibe into the MCU thanks in part to its fun style, but mainly due to its vibrant young cast.

Kamala Khan, aka Ms Marvel herself, is played with boundless energy and heart by newcomer Iman Vellani. Alongside her is a cast of equally loveable characters, including her two best friends Bruno and Nakia, and the new boy at school, Kamran.

To find out more about Ms Marvel and their characters, Gizmodo Australia spoke with Rish Shah (Kamran), Yasmeen Fletcher (Nakia) and Matt Lintz (Bruno).

ms marvel
Ms Marvel Cast Interview (Image: Marvel Studios/Disney)

The actors confirmed that their character’s close friendship on the show also translated off-screen.

“Everything you see at the school with Bruno and Nakia and Kamala, I mean it’s genuine,” Lintz said. “I mean [we] literally go on set and we just basically are ourselves and we have fun. That dynamic is very genuine.”

Adding to that authenticity, the actors said that their characters transitioned very cleanly from comic to screen.

“[Ms. Marvel] stays very true to the comics on all the characters,” Lintz said.

“I think that the creatives were super collaborative with us and wanted to make the characters feel a lot more like us in any way possible so that we could make the material feel super natural to us,” Fletcher said. “But I think that the characters translate really well and their personalities, their core and their identity are all still very similar to how they were in the comics.”

ms marvel kamran
Ms Marvel Cast Interview (Image: Marvel Studios/Disney)

Shah also confirmed that, like Kamala Khan, the trio are all “obsessed” with the MCU and that one of their favourite perks about becoming part of the franchise was seeing things on their show that they themselves were fans of.

“I think that there were times that I’d forget that it was a Marvel show and then I’d like to walk through the soundstage doors and they’d have some cheeky little Doctor Strange reference in the ‘Quiet on Set’ thing and it’d just like wake me up for a second,” Fletcher said. “So all those little Easter eggs around all the sets are just so fun to discover.”

“Especially meeting people,” Lintz added. “Like one day Tom Holland came to set and just wanted to see what’s up and he was, you know, happy that this was happening. Just getting to meet people like that, it’s just so surreal.”

ms marvel cast
Ms Marvel Cast Interview (Image: Marvel Studios/Disney)

One of the most appealing aspects of Ms. Marvel is its relatability. It may be a superhero show, but the characters deal with everyday teenage problems, like school assignments and getting permission from their parents to attend things like Avenger Con.

“I think a really cool thing about this show is that, to an extent, it kind of holds up a mirror and is like a reflection of everybody watching it,” Fletcher said.

“So I’m really excited for people to sit down with their families and watch the show. Watch the dynamics and all the intricate little jokes or just connections and be like ‘I have that with this person’, or ‘I’m like that in my day to day life’. It’s a really cool show that’s new for the MCU.”

The actors also teased some of their favourite days on set, which ended up being a tie between Eid in Episode 2 and the wedding, which takes place later in the season.

“I think one of my favourite days on set was, I wasn’t even working that day, but I remember coming down when you guys were filming Eid,” Shah said.

“I’m going to say the wedding,” Fletcher said. “The wedding set was incredible but the energy on that set was just so fun.”

ms marvel cast
Ms Marvel Cast Interview (Image: Marvel Studios/Disney)

Of course, it doesn’t take long before Kamala’s normality is turned upside down and superpowers enter the equation. Although if the show sticks as closely to the comics as the cast members claim, she may not be the only one living that superhero life.

Comic readers will know that Kamran is revealed to be an inhuman in the Ms Marvel comics, but Shah kept quiet on whether a similar thing would be happening to his character in the show.

“I’ve lost my ability to talk. I can’t tease anything,” he said.

Regardless of whether the Disney+ series stays true to every storyline, Lintz did say that fans will “appreciate how the comics are brought to the show”, which means Wednesdays are definitely about to get a bit more Marvel-lous.

Ms Marvel streams weekly on Disney+ from June 8.


  • Considering I’m not a teenage Pakistani Muslim girl, I do not relate…

    Representation is important, and I am not represented. I think that means I can’t watch it yeah?

    In all seriousness though, loved the family dynamic, and I’m interested to see where this all goes. First episode wasn’t the best, but I’ll be sticking fat because I don’t care that I’m not represented, it’s a half decent show, and I’m interested enough to tune in again.

    • Way to misrepresent the issue, but you be you nuffman. At least it’s not a rant about virtue signaling.

      • Awkward moment when I’m not white. Drongi. But please go on. Dumb racist. So no, I can’t just “turn on any random TV channel”. But guess what, I live in a “white country” where the majority of media is made by “white people”. I don’t see people complaining about the lack of representation in Korean media, or Indian media, or Arab media.

        How many times do I have to tell you. “Don’t reply to me.” You claim to have some form of holier than thou, moral superiority over everyone here, and yet you can’t even grasp the concept of “no means no”… Explains your interest in weird sex video games.. you can live out your perverted rape fantasies.

        Last time. Stop harassing me. Hypocrite

        • Dude, he always thinks anyone who disagrees with him is a straight white right wing male.
          He will completely ignore the title and content of the article to repeat Left wing Twitter talking points, even if they clash with everything else, because its what he does.
          You can tell him to not reply to you, but he cant help himself, hes gonna repeat his american world view endlessly, you can only ignore him, or mock him like the rest of us.

    • But look, if you did want to see yourself represented, you wouldn’t have to look too far to find an example. Just turn on any random TV channel, amirite? It’s so easy to be magnanimous, under the circumstances.

      The issue isn’t about only watching people you can relate to, it’s about one particular group hogging so much of the limelight that it’s worth nuffman’s effort to make a snide comment about the exceptions.

  • Nah, ol’ Clint Barton has this on lock.

    Zero superpowers, is shown dealing with the results of a being a plain old human getting repeatedly beat up and simply growing older. Perhaps most important of all though, he spends the entirety of the Hawkeye TV show just trying to get home to family for the holidays but then being grumpy whenever something stops him from doing so.

    An MCU show would probably have to show someone working a dull 9-5 job for 40 minutes of every episode to even come close to taking Clint’s ‘Most Relatable’ tiara away.

    • It really just shows that being relatable is relative to the individual and to varying degrees.
      I loved the Hawkeye character/mini series but I guarantee we all found it relatable for a lot of different reasons.

  • Shows a typical american ‘high school’ setting filled with adults pretending to be teenagers, literally every single aspect of which we Australians cannot relate to in any way. Yeah ok.

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