5 Reasons Ms Marvel Really Is Marvellous

5 Reasons Ms Marvel Really Is Marvellous
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Friends, I’m going to make a big call and say that Ms Marvel may be my favourite MCU TV show yet. I know it’s early days but Kamala Khan has won me over, heart and soul, and she deserves the chance to win you over as well.

First up, if you know nothing about Ms Marvel the gist is that Kamala Khan is a normal teenager living in Jersey City, doing normal teenage things like fangirling over the Avengers. But her life completely changes when she gets superpowers of her own and suddenly, her dreams of being a superhero are actually within reach.

I can think of a million good things to say about this show, but I’ll stick to just five. So here are some things I love about Ms Marvel on Disney+ that I think you will too.

Reasons to love Ms Marvel

1. Kamala Khan

ms marvel disney+
Ms Marvel Review (Image: Disney/Marvel Studios)

Marvel’s casting department deserves a raise. They’ve already given us perfect choices like Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans and Florence Pugh, but Iman Vellani was born to play Kamala Khan.

Not only is Vellani a teenager herself, so therefore the right age for Kamala, but she’s a super fan of the MCU herself, and it definitely shows.

Vellani manages to capture every facet of her comic book character, from her rebellious spirit to her deep love of her family and friends (and the Avengers), and her doubts about fitting in.

She is honestly such a star that you will have a hard time not loving her.

2. Ms Marvel has style

ms marvel
Ms Marvel Review (Image: Marvel Studios/Disney)

Marvel projects haven’t been afraid to go in different directions, especially since Disney+ became an option, and Ms Marvel is one of the best examples of that.

This show has so much style. Text messages are written in neon signs, ideas that characters are discussing come to life in spray paint art, and a fast-paced YouTube video catches us up on previous events.

The style has been compared to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and honestly, I think that checks out. Ms Marvel continuously finds fresh and vibrant ways to present information that draws us into Kamala’s imagination and her love of drawing. It’s like a comic panel come to life.

The editing is unique, sharp and fast-paced which is refreshing and should definitely make it a hit with comic fans.

3. The teen vibes

ms marvel review disney+
Ms Marvel Review (Image: Marvel Studios/Disney)

I’m a sucker for just about any teen TV show and Ms Marvel has the coming-of-age vibes in spades. So for all my fellow YA-die hards out there, this one is for us.

Ms Marvel is grounded in a way that not a lot of other MCU projects are. Maybe its closest comparison is Spider-Man: Homecoming.

In a similar way to Peter Parker, Kamala Khan doesn’t really fit in at school. She struggles with day to day problems like passing her driver’s test or figuring out what to do after high school.

Of course, superpowers become a part of all this as well, but even then Ms Marvel remains grounded in real problems that are instantly relatable, even if you’re not a teenager (or don’t have superpowers).

These themes of family, friendship and finding yourself fit so perfectly into that teen genre and it makes Ms Marvel feel like a natural blend of a coming-of-age comedy and an MCU show.

4. A love letter to Marvel

Photo: Ms. Marvel/Disney+, Fair Use
Ms Marvel Review (Photo: Ms. Marvel/Disney+)

Speaking of the MCU, Ms Marvel is very much for fans of the cinematic universe.

Unlike some previous Marvel series (looking at you Moon Knight), Ms Marvel is constantly making references to events in the wider MCU.

Kamala Khan is a devoted fangirl to Captain Marvel and the Avengers (honestly, same) and one of her biggest challenges in the first episode is getting permission to attend the first AvengerCon.

It’s one of the few Marvel shows that really doesn’t shy away from referencing everything that’s happened in other movies. It allows us a window into how the everyday citizens of this universe react to having superheroes in their lives.

It’s just another reason that Kamala Khan seems even more relatable because she, like many of us, is a fan.

We also know that Ms Marvel is going to play an integral part in the future of the MCU, having been confirmed to appear alongside Captain Marvel in The Marvels next year, so it’s one Disney+ series that will become required viewing to gain the full picture.

5. The supporting cast and characters

5 Reasons Ms Marvel Really Is Marvellous
Ms Marvel Review (Image: Marvel Studios/Disney)

Iman Vellani may own the show as Ms Marvel, but the cast and characters surrounding her will equally win your heart.

Ms Marvel is an incredibly diverse show from the ground up. It depicts a Pakistani-American family residing in modern-day New Jersey. The characters and story reflect a culture that is rarely seen on mainstream television and their relationships and mannerisms feel incredibly authentic.

Kamala lives with her parents and her older brother who are frustratingly overbearing, yet loveable. The entire Khan family feels so very relevant, from Kamala’s dad learning how to work a smart home to her mother stressing about her teenage daughter going to a party at night. Tag yourselves, because I think we’ve all been there.

Kamala also has two very wholesome relationships with her best friends. Bruno is her wingman, her ride or die, tech-savvy friend who will support her until the end. It’s obvious that their friendship is very genuine and more than just surface-level – maybe it even has vibes of something more?

Nakia and Kamala, meanwhile, grew up together attending the same events and they really bond over living in the same faith. Their friendship is a safe space to discuss their real thoughts about fitting in with their family’s practices and ideals. They lift each other up as young women and it’s just so damn delightful to see.

We all deserve a Bruno and Nakia in our lives.

Even Kamala’s new friend, slash maybe love interest, Kamran, is just super likeable and as far away from toxic masculinity as you can get.

You’ll honestly leave this show feeling like a part of a newfound family and it makes the wait to see them each Wednesday real difficult.

Hopefully, I haven’t fangirled too much on you (although I think the situation demands it), but there are just so many good things that make Ms Marvel worth watching.

If I haven’t managed to convince you with at least one of the above you’ll just have to go out and watch it on Disney+ and tell me why I was wrong.

Ms Marvel episode 1 is streaming now on Disney+ with new episodes releasing weekly on Wednesdays.


  • It really was delightful. So well written, directed and she herself is simply infectiously fun to watch.

    Which means pretty much about the only ammunition haters have against is calling it woke. (See every social media post about the show) You know those people who dont seem to remember Disney had been ‘woke’ for its entire lifetime, indeed that was its entire point, likewise most of the entire point of superheroes is that they exist to be woke in many kinds of ways and have been since their invention. So it just makes all those people complaining about it being woke just simply more hilarious than normal.

    • You must run in some interesting circles then.

      Biggest criticism (or “ammunition for haters” as you call it) I have seen (without actively looking for it), is criticism over her power change, and most of that comes with the caveat of “they wanted to save the stretchy powers so the white man can do it first.” And I am not even joking about that.

      It hasn’t hooked as fast as some of the more… fantastical… Marvel tv shows, but it’s good enough to get me to come back next week to watch it, not because I have to watch it so I can understand the Captain Marvel sequel, but because I was entertained and interested enough to do so.

      • Good point, or the other way at looking at it for me is: to do realistic Reed Richards stretchiness costs a lot of money and time, and given that is his main claim to fame for waaaay more generations, it seems like a better bet for Marvel to highly stylish Ms Marvels powers with effects given it is made on a tv budget, with little direct profit being made by people watching.

        PS thankfully the circles I run in is full of decent with realistic expectations, and none would ever use the word woke. Sadly so many commentators on Disney social media and FB in general are er less mature.

        • I think the “canon” reason given for it, was to align her powers moreso with Captain Marvel and Spectrum. Be of having a movie with her having a main role alongside two characters that are vastly more powerful than just about anything the MCU has to offer, and she’s just there being all stretchy.

          Also adding to that, the whole Inhumans debacle.

          On the stretchy side of things, I wholeheartedly agree with the $$$ aspects, especially considering how jarring it has already looked in 3 live action attempts (I don’t count MoM as I’ll gladly place that under the umbrella of “COVID” issues)

      • “You must run in some interesting circles then.”
        “Disney has always been woke”
        *Song of the south has entered the chat*

        • hahaha, so true yeah,but like with many of their questionable properties, like says Pocahontas they were much the product of time. Some of which, YIKES!

    • // You know those people who dont seem to remember Disney had been ‘woke’ for its entire lifetime //
      The circles you run in apparently have a disregard for truth and fact, but a thorough love of rewriting history to make it fit your own false narratives.

      You’re quite literally trying to rewrite the history of a multi-billion dollar company in an attempt to hide some of their seriously racist missteps in history, all because you’re defending them NOW and it wouldn’t look great if they were ever not ‘woke’ in the past.

      Acknowledge history, and acknowledge that things can change especially over decades of time passing.

      But don’t blatantly and intentionally lie about it like you are currently. Or do lie, and realise that you are clearly quite fine with trying to conceal the sort of awful things you run around patting yourself on the back for claiming you’re against.

      • Not at all, even with all there rubbish Disney was all about selling this glorified fantasy world of wholesome white America. For decades they filled peoples minds with great morality, morality that these days does not stake up to modern reality, but for their heyday even the gross Song of the South was seen by them AS wholesome.

        In your comment you seem trapped by the modern view of what we see as wholesome. I wasnt giving them a pass on the history merely pointing out the selling of positive virtue has always been their thing, just what defined that then has now changed.

        You fail to understand morality changes.

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