When To See The Nintendo Direct Mini In Australian/NZ Times

When To See The Nintendo Direct Mini In Australian/NZ Times
Image: Nintendo

Wow! After all the speculation, rumours, and whispers (more like screams), Nintendo has finally confirmed a June 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini, and it’s happening today in Australia!

This time, it’s another third-party showcase, and we’ve collated all the Australian times so you know when to tune in!

The next Nintendo Direct will be a 25-minute showcase specifically looking at third-party titles. The rumours swirling around seem to say that we should expect some Persona news, perhaps an announcement like Xbox’s where the OG games will be coming to Switch. Another rumour seems to say that the new Mario + Rabbids game may be getting some coverage.

Maybe even… Hollo-

No. I won’t say it. I’m not jinxing it this time.

Don’t expect any first party Nintendo news though, this is very much a showcase for third-party titles. No Zelda.

So when is the new Nintendo Direct?

The June 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini will be a late one for Australian audiences. You’ll be able to catch it on Tuesday, June 28 if you live in Australia. The time difference will bump the Direct up to Wednesday, June 29 if you’re in New Zealand.

Nice. Where can I see it?

Ninty’s official Twitch and YouTube channels will be the best place Australians can see the June 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini. VOD versions will be uploaded after the live broadcast has finished.

What time does the Nintendo Direct start?

See below for each Australian timezone, ranked in order of earliest to latest start. New Zealand friends, we haven’t forgotten you either, check the bottom of the list for kickoff times in NZDT.


Western Australia

Tues, June 28, 2022

9:00 pm AWST


Northern Territory, South Australia

Tues, June 28, 2022

10:30 pm ACST


ACT, New South Wales, Queensland Tasmania, Victoria

Tues, June 28, 2022

11:00 pm AEST


New Zealand

Wed, June 29, 2022

1:00 am NZST


And there you go. Are you keen for the June 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini? Are you keen for possible Persona or Mario + Rabbids news? Any predictions for surprise announcements? Share your theories in the comments below.


  • Well with the Nintendo Direct happening tomorrow morning at 10am for me Victoria I’m hoping to see some updates or free DLC updates for Mario Party Superstars.
    I also want to see more information on Kirby and The Forgotten Land coming out on March 25 next month.
    I also want to see a new Donkey Kong game been announced along with hopefully an announcement for Super Mario Odyssey 2 and maybe Mario Kart 9.
    That’s all I really want to see for tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct.

      • No time for that john_stalvern Sakurai-san needs to rest up after his reveal of all 11 DLC fighters from Super Smash Bros Ultimate there will be no Super Smash Bros Ultimate sequel in tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct.
        So suck it up john_stalvern and please do not comment me again about a Super Smash Bros Ultimate sequel it’s not going to happen.

    • James, if you are in Victoria and you say you’ll watch it from 10am, you would have missed it. It starts at 9am for Sydney, VIC and ACT

      • No brownie73 that is not what I meant I said I’m watching the Nintendo Direct at 9am.
        Do you get the picture now?

  • At least the time is reasonable. Must be big changes to the series if there’s 20 minutes of stuff to talk about.

  • Is this just all bots (besides James)?

    The leading image and content all reference NO nintendo games and people are posting stuff like Zelda and Metroid.

  • Oh looks like another recycled article. Never mind about bots.
    Is this easier than writing a new one or something?

    • The worst thing about this being a recycled article is there was literally an article 2 days ago by David himself about the hints to a Nintendo Direct occurring this week, and instead of a new article where he can gloat on how he “Fucking called it! WOOT!” or something like that on top of giving us the info on times.
      I woke up to seeing this article with 12 responses and was looking forward to seeing a mix of predictions and pats on the back for David, but no. It’s just dead comments from months ago and no mention of David’s win. Makes me sad.
      I’ll at least put it here for you, David. Congrats on calling it. Thumbs up, man.

      • Absolutely take both your points, and I think we’ll probably refresh the container article on the next one. To add a little clarity here: On articles like this one where we’re talking about local timings, we’ve noticed that Google tends to promote updated articles over new ones. Helps us game the system a little bit, and more reliably get the word out to local readers.

        • Although this isn’t the full Nintendo Direct we hoped for and since Nintendo fans are angry upset and disappointed that this is not the Nintendo Direct we were hoping for all I can say to them is chill out. Tonight’s Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase at 11pm will run for 25 minutes and all I’m hoping for in tonight’s Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase is ATLUS to bring Persona 5 Royal to Nintendo Switch along with more detailed information from Ubisoft regarding Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope and when will Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope come out on Nintendo Switch whether it’s later this year or early next year we’ll just have to wait and see when the Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase airs tonight at 11pm.

        • The problem is that the comments from that original article, whenever it was, are still here. The very first comment is from me where I say I’m hoping for news on Metroid Prime 4, cause obviously that original article was talking about a full Nintendo Direct. In this context, when the new direct is strictly a third party partner showcase, and the previous one which was literally just about Xenoblade Chronicles 3, obviously that Prime 4 comment makes no sense. But it’s still there, because you keep reusing the same article.

        • You could make a generic yearly update list for Directs and have the newest Direct’s times at the top of the list. Nintendo doesn’t have that many Directs in a year, so you’d have maybe 10 videos linked max in the article.

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