Another 3DS Videographer Spotted, This Time At A Phoebe Bridgers Concert

Another 3DS Videographer Spotted, This Time At A Phoebe Bridgers Concert
Image: Nintendo / Phoebe Bridgers / Kotaku Australia

Who needs phones at a concert anymore when you have a perfectly good 3DS?

You may remember not too long ago that somebody in the crowd of a My Chemical Romance concert was spotted recording (or at least photographing) the show on their Nintendo DS XL. It’s an incredible image to see in broad daylight.

Be it pure nostalgia or simply having no other device to use, this is definitely one way to snapshot an important musical memory. It is very goofy, so of course, the online world loved it. However, as we know with goofy silly things, they rarely happen once and never again.

Iconic and well-known sad woman (and one of my favourite artists) Phoebe Bridgers played a show on June 14th at Prospect Park Bandshell in Brooklyn, and I’m sure it was a beautiful time. I truly wish I was there. Of course, people film and take pictures, and one picture captured a beautiful moment. Yes, another Nintendo DS has been spotted recording a concert, and this time it’s at Phoebe Bridgers.

According to another person present at the event, the 3DS recorder had their console up in the air for “the whole show”, which is quite the impressive feat. While I am personally of the belief that recording an entire show on your phone instead of just taking it all in is a bit odd, I find the thought of a 3DS’s entire hard drive being full of a Phoebe Bridgers gig very, very funny.

Picture this. You’re in your room. You’re feeling some type of way. Normally, you’d put on Saviour Complex by Phoebe Bridgers and cry, but this time it’s different. You open up your Nintendo 3DS and play the video, and listen to an incredibly compressed version of Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers out of the shitty built-in speakers of your handheld console. You feel blissful. Elated. All is right in the world.


  • Like asking someone to take your picture and then handing them your Gameboy with the GB camera haha

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