Quin69 Has Now Blown Over $18K On Diablo Immortal, Remains Gemless

Quin69 Has Now Blown Over $18K On Diablo Immortal, Remains Gemless

After only recently making headlines for dropping $NZ10,000 ($AU8973) on Diablo Immortal and failing to come up with a single 5-star Legendary Gem, New Zealand streamer Quin69 isn’t giving up.

In the time since making his first round of headlines, Quin has dropped a further $NZ10,000 on Legendary Crests in an effort to sus out its drop rate. Having now pumped (at the time of writing) nearly $NZ21,000 ($AU18,845) into a personal crusade that is surely turning his accountant’s hair white, Quin still does not have a single Legendary Gem to his name.

Big thanks to Gizmodo AU’s Zac Kelly for this one. Image: Kotaku Australia

The reason Quin is refusing to give up is a desire to show the world how predatory the player Diablo Immortal‘s revenue model really is. The community is already well aware that the game has been built to milk their wallets for all they are worth, at every level, but the question of exactly how the numbers have been weighted remains.

As explained the last time we caught up with Quin69, Legendary Gems are required to upgrade the stats of Diablo Immortal‘s best end-game gear. The 5-star Gems are the most powerful and desirable, but also the rarest. A total of six 5-star Legendary Gems is required to fully optimise a complete post-game kit.

This tallies with news reported by GameRant last week that suggested Diablo Immortal‘s pity system wasn’t quite on the level either. The pity system as designed is supposed to provide players with a way to guarantee a Legendary Gem drop. The deal, as it was initially understood, was that players who collected 50 Legendary Crests could sacrifice them in exchange for a guaranteed 5-star Legendary Gem. That’s not what’s happening though. As detailed in the game’s fine print, you are not guaranteed a 5-star Legendary Gem. Rather, you are guaranteed a Legendary Gem with a star rating out of five. It’s still a game of chance. You could burn your 50 Legendary Crests and get a 1-star Gem, a scenario so maddening that, even in the theoretical, makes my skin itch.

So where does this leave Quin69? Up shit creek and down $20 grand, in terms of Gems, but phenomenally powerful even without them. Quin69’s current gear allows him to carve through mobs and PvP alike, which has elicited the odd brag or two. His chat is quick to humble him, flooding the chat window with messages reading “Well paid” as a reminder that he didn’t get there on his own.

It remains to be seen how much farther Quin can push this crusade before someone takes the credit card away from him.

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