Redfall Gameplay Shows Off Squad-Based Vampire Shootouts

Redfall Gameplay Shows Off Squad-Based Vampire Shootouts
Screenshot: Microsoft

Microsoft showed off several minutes of gameplay for its upcoming co-op first-person shooter Redfall at today’s 2022 Xbox Showcase. The multiplayer agme about freeing a New England town from demonic forces looks like it will have loot, class-based combat, and a few jump scares along the way.

The new footage began with a character sporting a hot pink shotgun walking into a church and exploring its blood splattered attic. There she was beset by vampires dashing through the shadows reminiscent of a classic survival horror game.

Take a look:

But the rest of the trailer trended in the direction of your standard loot-based live service shooter. The titular city of Redfall looks reminiscent of something out of Fallout 4, while brief glimpses of menus show skill trees and a trove of colour-coded gear rarity. We also got a look a the game’s class-based characters, including a sniper, robotic engineer, and telekinetic shot-gunner.

Redfall was originally supposed to come out this year, but was delayed until the first half of 2023 along with Starfield. But we still didn’t get a more specific date for when to expect Arkane’s latest Left 4 Dead-style co-op game.

While Microsoft points out that the FPS can be played solo, it certainly looks like you won’t get the full experience unless you’re playing with a squad of online friends. Another PC and day-and-date Xbox Game Pass game, Redfall fits into Microsoft’s strategy to bring in new players, but it’s still not clear if there will be an interesting world or deeper story to underline the multiplayer affair.

Redfall has been pitched as an open world game, though it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to get a clear understanding of whether it’s aiming to also be the type of immersive game Arkane has become known for. 


  • Looks like it was market tested into oblivion.

    Its Arkane, so I’ll be keeping an eye on it but it’s looking pretty bad. Either way I’ll be playing with the audio on mute.

    • Its Arkane, so solid thumbs up for me to keep my eye on… but I di agree it does did feel like they were told make an L4D open world by Bethesda. It’s a bit outside their playstyle but who knows how well they can add combat style to it.

      Got a Borderlands feel, with the characters and their abilities. If they can pull off the solo play as well… it could be a win. But hope it has more monsters cause all the vamps and thugs looked basic.

      • It’s the tone for me. If you told me it’s a vampire game set in an isolated community made by the Arkane studio that made Prey I’d have started convulsing and spitting out money from every orifice but the “lol so wacky” tone and incredibly obnoxious characters really aren’t great selling points.

        Arkane generally have a wonderfully unique style to their game, this just seems like horribly generic Ubisoft/borderlands/netflix fare.

        I hope there’s a deep dive at some point that digs into the gameplay and there is something special there but I haven’t seen it so far.

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