Sorry, Capcom’s New Dinosaur Game Has Nothing To Do With Dino Crisis

Sorry, Capcom’s New Dinosaur Game Has Nothing To Do With Dino Crisis

Earlier this year, Capcom officially unveiled Exoprimal, a new Anthem-like online shooter featuring loads of dinosaurs. That dino-filled trailer also featured a woman with red hair, which seemed to be a nod or even a connection to Dino Crisis 1 and 2 lead Regina. Was this new Exoprimal game connected to Dino Crisis? Well, now we have confirmation straight from Capcom that…no, it isn’t. Sorry.

In an interview with IGN earlier this week, Capcom director Takuro Hiraoka talked about what Exoprimal is and, more importantly for some players, what it isn’t. When asked by IGN if Exoprimal is connected to Dino Crisis in any way, he confirmed that although the initial trailer seemed to hint at some sort of connection, that wasn’t the case.

“No,” answered Hiraoka. “The game is its own unique thing and has no relationship to Dino Crisis.”

I have no idea if IGN asked this, but a good follow-up question I would have asked is this: Then what was the decision process behind teasing a new dinosaur game by including a red-haired woman as a big part of Exoprimal’s first reveal? All that did was anger and disappoint Dino Crisis fans for no reason and those poor souls don’t need to suffer anymore. A lot of them had to endure playing the last released game in the series, 2003’s Dino Crisis 3. They suffered enough.

Other details revealed in this same interview include the confirmation that Exoprimal will not be a free-to-play game and will instead be a “full-priced release,” shipping both digitally and physically.

According to Hiraoka, the initial concept for Exoprimal was to create something that featured “satisfying action” but was different from past Capcom games.

“Instead of a game like Monster Hunter, where you face a single, powerful enemy, we thought that the experience of taking on and overcoming a huge horde of enemies had the appeal and potential to be the basis of a new IP,” explained Hiraoka.

“We also thought that it would feel great to share that experience with others online, and so the basic concept of Exoprimal was born.”

Once the team had settled on Exoprimal’s gameplay concept, the next step was figuring out what kind of enemies would make up the large hordes of baddies that players would be tasked with fighting and killing. Hiraoka said that picking dinosaurs as the main enemies in Exoprimal was an easy and quick choice.

“I thought that it would be fun to experience the threat of history’s most fearsome predators,” said Hiraoka. “And that if there were hundreds or thousands of them it would be an intensity that hadn’t been seen before.” This also led to the team going futuristic as they felt modern weapons wouldn’t be enough to stop the huge amount of dinos players would encounter during missions.

Of course, none of this really matters to all you Dino Crisis lovers out there who continue to watch Capcom remake and remaster every Resident Evil game ever made while its classic dinosaur-filled survival horror franchise lingers in obscurity, destined to stay as extinct as dinosaurs themselves.

Anyway, Exoprimal is set to arrive in 2023 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. And who knows, maybe Capcom will toss in some Dino Crisis skins.

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