STEPL Turns Any PC Game Into Physical Exercise

STEPL Turns Any PC Game Into Physical Exercise
Image: Microsoft / Ruby Innes / Kotaku Australia

Are you tired of sitting on your big, juicy butt to play a video game? Wouldn’t you rather walk in one place instead? STEPL might be exactly what you’re looking for.

New mobile app STEPL translates your real-life steps into video game steps, so gone are the days of taking a break from your game to go for a walk. Now you don’t even need to think about the wretched outdoors, what a relief!

STEPL is currently only available on PC, with the companion app only being available for Android devices on the Google Play Store. As described by GamesRadar, the process is simple.

You download the Windows app, and then you download the Android app. You link them up, open up a game on your PC, and then simply start walking with your phone in your pocket. The phone app will then convert your movement to pressing the ‘W’ key on your PC.

The developers of STEPL have gone ahead and posted a video showcasing how it all works, which you can check out below.

This is a 1.0 version of the app, meaning they’ll probably continue to work in it and potentially update the app to allow for more types of movement.

So far, stomping up and down only allows you to move forward, meaning that you’ll still need to use your controller to go left, right, and backwards, as well as do all other types of actions.

The app also functions on either a one-time payment or subscription basis, meaning you can either pay $US4.99 ($AU7.99) once to use it forever, or subscribe for $US1.00 ($AU1.59) a month.

Andy, the creator of the app, explains that STEPL motivates him to ‘work out every day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes’. This is an admirable feat, as exercise is good for you and important for your health. That’s why exercise games exist, right?

On the other hand, I can see how this kind of thing could eventually become a bit gimmicky. Sometimes, just sometimes, going outside and going for a walk is actually pretty cool. You could meet a frog outside, or maybe even somebody’s dad.

Don’t you want to meet somebody’s dad?


  • Officer, shes over there somewhere!
    I was just taking my son for a walk and she came out of the bushes asking if we wanted to see a frog.

    Be careful, she had a pig with her!!

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