Taika Waititi Doesn’t Want Star Wars To Rely On Legacies

Taika Waititi Doesn’t Want Star Wars To Rely On Legacies
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While Kathleen Kennedy did confirm that the Star Wars film by Taika Waititi (Thor: Love and Thunder, Jojo Rabbit) would be going ahead, she didn’t mention any of the storylines, characters, or even the timeline it would be set in. Now, Waititi himself has said in an interview with Total Film, that he “would like to take something new and create some new characters and just expand the world, otherwise it feels like it’s a very small story.”

Kennedy had previously stated (again, to Total Film) in an exclusive interview during Star Wars Celebration that there was a need “to create a whole new saga.” After the latest trilogy and the extended interconnections between the Palpatine and Skywalker family (which has dominated the universe of Star Wars as we now it for the best part of a century), I tend to agree. While deep lore is an incredibly well for inspiration and will no doubt provide endless fodder for Disney to produce three to four television series per year for the next two decades, I’m ready to move on.

Waititi has been known to take franchises and revitalize them. As much as I love Thor, even I will admit that the first two films were… fine. But Thor: Ragnarok was genuinely a blast, bringing in new characters, featuring some of Waititi’s Aotearoa faves (Hi, Rachel House, I love you), and finally introducing more than three colours into a Marvel film. I, personally, would like to propose that Vico Ortiz, who appeared alongside Waititi in the queer romantic comedy, Our Flag Means Death, be given an audition for some kind of Jedi role. They are a huge Star Wars nerd, would make it very gay, and they’ve got 8+ years of fencing experience. Just, you know, if you’re reading this Waititi… think about it. The world is ready for queer Star Wars characters, and not ones that can be edited out for international censors. Now that would be something new.


  • Well he is right. Honestly, for me, Star Wars needs to either jump forward 1000 years or backwards the same. It needs to create an entire world devoid of major call outs. Give us an entire new Skywaker saga with no connections. Sadly such things requires a lot planning. Risk, and a core artistic vision.

    • They could go back 800 years, with mostly new characters, and still use fleeting guest appearances by Yoda or the forebears of Saga characters to connect the stories. Not as the focus; just “here’s an interesting bit of Kenobi history; now onwards … ”

      But it’s a big-arse galaxy. Taika Waititi is right about the stories needing to expand. Otherwise we’ll end up with “The Adventures Of Ice-cream maker guy … ” or similar.

    • Mate… A story following Darth Bane during the destruction of the Brotherhood of Darkness and the creation of the “Rule of Two”.

      Exploration of the Mandalorian Wars.

      Hell, even following Revan’s life outside of KoToR. (Which can cross over into the Mandalorian Wars)

      The journey of Vader between Order 66 and A New Hope. (Technically a Legacy… but to see Vader at arguably his most brutal… My gosh!)

      Exploration of the Hundred-Year Darkness and the breaking of the Jedi Order that birthed the Sith as we know it….

      I mean, sure, we can look at none force wielder things.. But let’s be honest, we watch Star Wars for magic space knights, not for space smuggling

      • Space smuggling has a lot of possibilities though. The Rebel Alliance has to get its starships from somewhere …

  • I wish they would go back in time and do old republic stuff. Been wanting a jedi vs sith war so so much

    • I know right, and they don’t even have to stick just to KotOR either, that whole era was several wars which spawned some fantastic (and terrible) extended universe stuff to visit, or simply break off from.

  • For it to be good, it would require the Star Wars writers to be able to write in the first place and get it past their corporate overlords. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Taika is quite right…It’s just a shame Disney had to trash the sequel trilogy and tarnish what came before it to realise this.

    • Well ‘trash the sequel’ trilogy really has no meaning to some Star Wars fans, some people have hated everything since Empire, I have lived through it all. I couldn’t never really work out why, it must be soooooo exhausting to constantly live with a never ending sense of disappointment, instead of just shifting one’s ability to find things they like, in things they are disappointed with.

      People whining about the sequels tarnishing what came before, are no different than people whining about the prequels, to what came before. Hell even in the 80’s some were whining that the Ewoks killed Star Wars. Some just want the Star Wars in their head, nothing less!

      • You can have a never-ending sense of disappointment for the sequels, and yet move on at the same time. They’re not mutually exclusive propositions. I have quite liked Mando/BoBF despite utterly detesting Ep’s 8 and 9 (and 7 to be fair, but to a much lesser extent). I have posted about my dislike of the ST, from memory, less than 10 times in the years since because it’s not worth my time for the most part. I’ve enjoyed watching other things recently like Stranger Things, Dopesick, Billions, Peaky Blinders etc. However that doesn’t change how strongly I feel about those movies… if you fully engaged me in the topic and asked my views I would absolutely trash them. That’s not failure to move on, it’s just memory.

        Personally I don’t begrudge people who want the star wars ‘in their head’; IMO it comes from passion for the source material.

  • This seems like the best idea to allow new people to get properly into Star Wars, because as it currently stands it has gotten increasingly harder to recommend the shows to friends that aren’t up-to-date on everything. Constant call-backs and appearances are muddying up how easy the shows are to follow.

    Just as an example: My girlfriend joined me in watching The Mandolorian. She is a fan of the movies and knew some of the EU stories from her dad, but never got around to watching Clone Wars or Rebels. She absolutely loved season 1, but when season 2 introduced Ahsoka she said she felt a bit cheated since she’d never seen Clone Wars. Then when Ahsoka mentions Thrawn later my GF’s eyes lit up because she remembered her dad telling her about Thrawn from his trilogy of books and thought this would lead to his introduction into the canon universe… only to lose that light when I informed her that Thrawn had already been introduced in Rebels. She now doesn’t even want to watch Mandolorian season 3 when it comes out since she would have to watch Book of Boba Fett, a show she didn’t want to watch but is now basically Mandolorian season 2.5.

    Going back to either the Old Republic era or 1000 years into the future so as to any existing history basically becoming myth definitely seems like the best idea. It’ll allow new fans to have an entry point into the franchise that doesn’t then bog them with the pressure of consuming other content just to be able to follow the story completely.

  • ” Taika Waititi Doesn’t Want Star Wars To Rely On Legacies ” sounds a lot like “I dont want to have to adhere to established lore”

    • Maybe… but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I wish Rian Johnson had fucking had that level of awareness and/or respect for it.

      • This right here.

        Adhering to or respecting established lore only works if you don’t then just immediately turn around and do whatever the fuck you want anyway.

  • Star wars is only 45 years old (1977 I believe) well short of a ‘better part of a century’ lol.

    Lucas Arts/Disney struggles to get the simple live action stuff right (Rogue One and Mando being exceptions), given a clean canvas with no under pinning story background, it’ll be a giant dumpster fire.

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