The Internet Reacts To Its First Real Look At Starfield

The Internet Reacts To Its First Real Look At Starfield
Image: Starfield, Bethesda

Depending on where you were hanging out online this morning, it’s safe to say the reactions to the extended trailer for Bethesda’s Starfield have been decidedly mixed. Let’s take a quick tour around the social media traps to see what the internet thinks.

Among media professionals seeing the trailer for the first time (Xbox did not, to my knowledge, brief any Australian outlets on the contents of its showcase ahead of time), most seemed fairly happy with what they saw.

Overall, the vibe was complementary — you don’t get a first look at a new Bethesda RPG every day — with many taken with director Todd Howard’s demonstration of its sizeable universe.

Others were less easily convinced.

The comparisons to No Man’s Sky have been flying about all morning. When you put them side-by-side, the similarities are pronounced. Though Starfield will be a more curated experience than the proc-gen heavy No Man’s Sky, the two games have a great many factors in common.

There’s also an argument to be made about creating an RPG at this scale. How can all of the game’s thousands of worlds have interesting, fleshed-out characters and stories? At what point does Bethesda draw the line and start choosing areas to pad the experience out? The argument below comes from Kotaku US editor Patricia Hernandez and her whole thread is well worth a read. Perspective, folks. You don’t have to agree, we just offering perspective.

There was also a significant segment of the audience that flatly refuses to trust Todd Howard.


Others are still hanging out for The Elder Scrolls VI, whatever form that may eventually take.

Over on Reddit, people were more interested in poring over the details of the trailer in granular detail than issuing broad-stroke opinions.

Some immediately noticed nods to older games.

Others are scrutinising screens and video of the game’s solar system maps for details on words and galaxies.

Others still are poring over glimpses of the character creator in an attempt to divine what, if any, new systems or stats are driving the RPG gameplay.

Obviously, it’s still far too early to render any kind of final judgement on Starfield when all we’ve got to go on is a single 15-minute trailer. What we’ve seen today is only our first proper look at the game, and there’s a lot more to come. The game has been delayed for a non-specific date in 2023, but even that may not be concrete.

What did you think of the Starfield trailer? Love it? Hate it? Completely non-plussed? Wishing a thousand curses upon Todd Howard because you just want Elder Scrolls VI? Express yourself in the comments below.


  • >Though Starfield will be a more curated experience than the proc-gen heavy No Man’s Sky

    The game has 1000 planets so it will still be proc-gen heavy.

    • I suspect you are probably right, in that the proc-gen for planets and most NPC’s occurred during the design phase. We will then likely see something akin to the Radiant system generating missions within those planets. However there will likely be specific hand-written storylines within each system or on populated planets/stations that will flesh out the experience, so I wouldn’t expect it to be almost entirely NMS-like in that you are basically writing your own story within the universe.

  • Its weird looking at the trailer, i don’t understand why we didn’t get this 6 months or a year ago… instead of those lame concept art coffee table talk videos (before they announced the delay).

    At the end of the day, I dont trust Todd after F76.

    • Likely they didn’t have anything like this to show 6 months ago.
      Even the trailer has the feeling of a gussied up E3 video, a few solid bits of fabricated on the rails gameplay and a bunch of out of context snippets.

  • After Fallout 4, I’m glad this one is on Gamepass.

    Anyone who watched the presentation and didn’t see it as Todd’s usual song and dance is wilfully ignorant. Bethesda struggle with games of a much smaller scope than this, this just seems silly for them to be taking on. It’s gonna be gamebreaking bugs on every one of those 1000 copy pasted planets.

  • So Star Citizen devs this what happens when you dont try and turn your game in the kitchen sink of gaming, sometimes a focused ‘less’ if far more. Even with all its delays it still looks like it will be launching well before you.

    The thing I like about this is that it clearly takes the No Man Sky’s batten and runs with it, adding its own identity and then some. Thats not an insult, just sometimes games dont be revolutionary just evolutionary.

  • I Feel like people way over critique games these days. I mean, we can’t accept trash but this game look super impressive to me. It also looks like its no where near perfect but does that matter? If the games fun and it works (not like fallout 76 at launch) isn’t that enough? Do we have to verbally destroy a game before we’ve even played it? I personally couldn’t give a stuff of the characters look a little visually dated, that will not break immersion at all.

    Also, the fan boys fighting over consoles and destroying each other’s exclusives is so toxic and childish, I grow tired of reading anything about a game on social media. It use to be a fun experience

    • Sadly the ‘over critique’ thing is everywhere these days. Pick a game, pick a show, pick a movie, complaining everywhere, its all the same. It rarely has anything to do with the particular story (in this case Starfield) but more to do with some people having no better hobbies than trying to be the one to come up with the best joke or hate or most original way to put the boot in.

      Honestly the only time I hate anything these days, is when I come to the net and are being told I am supposed to hate it. So many people have forgotten how to have fun. I guess thats why the word Fan comes from Fanatic.

        • You really do have a reading and comprehension problem, as well as being virtually the only person on the planet who doesnt see the inherent flaws in social media and the type of ridiculous cycle of false hate it propagates. Sure amid all that noise there IS some honest feedback, like a whisper in a cyclone of noise.

    • Once bitten twice shy, my friend.
      Sure, people are quick to criticise these days but in an industry whose marketing strategy continuously relies on hype and exaggeration, who can blame them?

      When the same folks who already have a history of being loose with the buzz get up and say the same old stuff it’s hard to give them the benefit of the doubt and while it’s easy to say we should judge it when the game comes out, the developers aren’t playing by the same rules.
      These kinds of things are made to push people to hand over their money BEFORE the game comes out, be it full price title or subscription service.
      (Not to mention review embargoes etc)

      If anything, being cautiously critical puts pressure on developers and publishers to stop over promising and embellishing so hard.
      (Prob shouldn’t expect much from social media either, it’s made for drama and that’s exactly what you’ll get)

      • They’ve literally released 1 average game, fallout 76,which is now a very very good game. They’ve probably released at least 10 epic games before that. Not sure why you wouldn’t still trust them as a game developer.

        I feel like the noise around thsi game would have a different tone if it was a Sony published game. The game industry is in a very weird place at the moment

        • Every single game they have release has been mediorce at best, the only thing is that never had any competition in the marke as up until skyrim, they were the only developers doing First Person Open World RPGs.
          Now When you compare them to the Likes of Techland, CDPR, Flying Wild Hog, hell even Ubisoft, you can see just how mediorce and lazy BGS is when it comes to developing games.

          Cyberpunk was cruicified for barely running at all on last gen systems and being extremely buggy, Yet those same people had no problem forgiving Bethesda for the trash fire that was Fallout3, Fallout New Vegas and Skyrim on PS3 to the point that bethesda flat out gave up trying to bring some of the DLC to the PS3. Lets also not forget that bugs that existed in morrowind still exist in fallout 4.

          The only reason why everyone rightly called out fallout 76 for the big steaming pile of shit that is, is because its the first BGS game where you cant mod it so that all the bugs are fixed.

          Another pint in how lazy Bethesda Games Studioes is. They never fixed any of the issues that were fixed by the Unoffical Skyrim patch when they brought out Skyrim Special Edition. not single fix from that mod was brought over. Here you have a mod thats done all the work and fixed so much of the game, Todd is to to fucking lazy to make those changes base line.

          • Loved all those games just like millions and millions of others did.

        • Peoples relationship with Bethesda is a lot more complicated that (especially when it comes to FO and ES) and it’s also a lot bigger than just Bethesda too, at least I think so.

          If I had to throw out an example that covers both I would say the E3 style, hosted presentations just aren’t as effective as they once were and invokes years of over marketing and under delivering from across the entire industry.
          I avoid them myself now and have noticed that a lot of presentations these days have moved on to a smaller host intros or skip the hosts all together in some instances.
          (SGF, SoP, ND)

          Most importantly, try not to take it too much to heart.
          (That’s good advice because it’s the kind I can give and not follow easily haha!)

  • It needs more dogs. Why would we even go to space if we couldn’t take our dogs with us? It makes no sense.

  • As Kotaku Au resdient Bethesda Games Studio Dehype man.
    Im feeling extremely meh about it.
    The footage itself that was shown could barely reach 30fps and you can see the gamebryo engine was struggling to work, and remember this is footage that was taken back when Bethesda was confident of releasing the game this november until mircosoft said no and pushed it back to some time next year. Yall though cyberpunk was the worst thing on earth and the majority of you still do, but then again bethesda has always been able skate on by with 4 simple words: Mods Will Fix It. However modding was not something that was announced, neither was news of an updated GECK to facilitate modding, which has always been announced with every BGS game except for FO76
    The gunplay from what was shown appears to same as fallout 4 which ok, however apart from the jetpack, there appears to be no changes at all movement ie no mantling, no sliding, no dodging that are standard in many fps and rpgs these day.

    No melee combat at all was shown off so we can guess that its the still same shit that its been since Morrowind, which in this day and age with games like Cyberpunk, Dying Light, Shadow Warrior etc all have way better and much deeper melee combat

    Ship wise, its looks good and very servicible, however is there a full navy of space craft ranging from scout ships, fighters and bombers to corvettes, freighters and transports to Capitals like carriers,destroyers and battleships? can we form our own fleet? Do we have the ability to board.

    On the planet side of things, are they all just one biome? or are they varied?

    • I’m with you on a number of things… Except your apparent desire to turn the game into a multiplayer FPS.

      I’m very much on board with them not turning the game into Call of Duty. The absolute absurdity of how sliding works in most of those games, as well as the inhuman dodging at a button press and such are perfectly fine things to omit as far as I’m concerned.

      Simpletons like myself will just keep dodging like we always have anyway, by simply moving in another direction.

      • IM not at all trying to turn it into a Multiplayer FPS. Bethesda Games studioes have always been FPS RPGS first and formost ever since Arena, its been their niche, its just they they never innovate

        Look at how hard it is to go back to Fallout 3 and New Vegas after playing Skyrim which finally added a sprint button or even go back to fallout 3 after playing fallout 4 with its drastlically improved gunplay

  • It’s on Game Pass, so I’ll be giving a go just like everyone else with Game Pass. It doesn’t look terrible, but I wish they were brave enough to have more realistic saturation in the game instead of it being another greyscale simulator.

  • It’s more than I was expecting so I’m sold at this point. I did not expect so many systems and starship building.

    I’m a bit concerned about how much there is to do on all those planets and I’m not overly keen on the challenge system for perks.

    I need to get a more in depth look at the building system but it seems more Subnautica than FO4 at this stage.

  • I kind of liked what I saw but in hearing that your character is silent and won’t speak is something I am not interested in as I hate that and that is what turns me off? I like games that when you create a character they also speak like in Fallout 4 but if that is not the case for Starfield? then it’s a fail from me!

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