You Can Blame Putin For Delaying The Quarry’s Online Multiplayer

You Can Blame Putin For Delaying The Quarry’s Online Multiplayer

A recent interview has finally revealed why online multiplayer in The Quarry was missing from the game’s day one release.

The Quarry is the most recent choice-based horror game from Supermassive Games, and is already a hit with fans of the developer’s previous work. Touted by our own editor David Smith as ‘one of the year’s best games‘, The Quarry brings back to classic controller-passing couch-co-op that sets Supermassive’s catalogue apart.

However, the title was also supposed to have an online multiplayer mode, which would allow up to eight players to come together in a game. The host of the game will have control over the game, while the other players will vote on the choices made. It’s almost like a poll-based Nuzlocke run.

Unfortunately, this online multiplayer mode was delayed until July 8th ‘at the latest’. At the time, no reason was given for the delay.

Thanks to an interview between IGN and The Quarry‘s creative director Will Byles, we now know that similarly to other games being developed over the past year, this delay was directly related to the ongoing war in Ukraine. Byles explains, “We had a bit of a weird thing with the multiplayer because… part of our team is based out in the Ukraine, so we had to delay the multiplayer because they had to move.”

Byles then continue on, discussing the server move from Kyiv, Ukraine to Warsaw, Poland being a notable factor in the delay, and that the multiplayer mode is already finished.

“So we had to move the server from Kyiv up into Warsaw and those guys had to get out there cause it was obviously really dangerous. It’s literally going to be a couple of weeks. It is actually done. It has to go through testing now.”

Due to the Ukraine sector of Supermassive Games only working on the online multiplayer mode, the rest of the game was pretty much unaffected with all other aspects of gameplay still being included. GameRevolution also notes that The Quarry‘s achievement trophies were not affected by the multiplayer delay due to no achievements being tied to online multiplayer.

As the interview states, The Quarry‘s online multiplayer mode is still on track to release on July 8th, and will become available via an update.

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