The Tomorrow Children Set To Remain Playable ‘Indefinitely’ After 2022 Re-Release

The Tomorrow Children Set To Remain Playable ‘Indefinitely’ After 2022 Re-Release

We’ve finally hearing news about the revival of The Tomorrow Children! And it’s good news! A 2022 release kind of news!

Here’s a quick round up of The Tomorrow Children if you’ve forgotten. The game was announced in 2014, hosted a closed beta in early 2016, hosted an open public beta in mid-2014, and then released as an early access title exclusively on PlayStation 4 in 2016. Then a little over a year later, it got canned.

Back in November 2021, we learned that Q-Games, the original developers of The Tomorrow Children, had secured the title’s intellectual property rights from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Fast forward to today, and Q-Games has announced that The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition will be returning to PlayStation 4 with enhancements for PlayStation 5 this year.

There’s also a brand-spanking new trailer to go along with the game’s announcement, which you can check out below.

The official announcement on Q-Games’ website says the game’s 2022 release will include ‘additional features, new islands to explore and peer-to-peer multiplayer.’ While the team seem to be keen on staying true to The Tomorrow Children‘s original concepts and ideas,  Q-Games also notes that they’ve taken responses from the community into account, stating:

With community feedback in mind, Q-Games spent a lot of time reverting the game back to its intended design to provide a premium experience. This decision ensured that The Tomorrow Children will remain playable indefinitely and as part of the design changes, the game no longer relies on a central server and all micro-transactions have been removed.

The game’s director and CEO of Q-Games Dylan Cuthbert is also quoted on the website:

“Today marks an incredibly special day for our team here in Kyoto, as we reveal full details of our game’s revival. The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition seemed an appropriate title for the years-long project we embarked on to resurrect The Tomorrow Children for our fans, who never gave up on the game even after it went offline. 

We’ve focused on improvements to help those new to the game get started, made changes based on feedback from veteran players and added in a series of new islands, items and ways to play. This wealth of changes allowed us to rebalance the game in new and exciting ways and I’m already looking forward to visiting player towns when we launch later this year!”

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition doesn’t have a set release date but we know that it’ll be coming out this year, and it’ll apparently be here to stay. As somebody that never got to play the game, I am very pumped to get my grubby little community helper hands on it.

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