What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Ape Escape, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Folks, we’ve only gone and done it again. Another week down.

Naturally, it’s time to plan out the weekend. So, let’s get to it: What are you playing this weekend?

Ruby and I are going straight into Cult of the Lamb (and in case you missed it, you can read Ruby’s initial thoughts on it here). Can’t wait to spend time with this one. A deeply Aussie pitch, years in the making. Can’t wait to spend some time with it.

Ruby also mentioned that she’s going to give a few of the Xbox demos like Tinykin a go, and adds, “If any of you are interested in trying Polyfury on Xbox, the devs have insisted that you use a cheat code for the demo called ‘ICU’ and under NO circumstances tell you what it adds to the game.”

I’ve just gotten a code for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, and it’s been a while since I’ve put time into a Musou title, so I’m excited to see what’s new. I know reviews have been a bit mixed. Interested to see if my experience tallies.

I will also be spending a bit of time reliving a few PS1-era classics on the new PlayStation Plus. True story: I was an N64 kid, so I missed a lot of great PlayStation gear during that era. I’m excited to patch some holes in the old memory bank.

But how about you folks? Digging into PS Plus? Clearing the backlog? Packing up, switching off the phone, and getting out of town for the weekend? Tell us your plans in the comments down below.

Thank you again for hanging out with us again this week! We really appreciate you being here. No matter what you get up to this weekend, stay safe, be well, save often, and we’ll see you back here on Monday. Cheers.


  • Fall Guys free to play is a treat I didn’t expect and am very grateful for! Now to resist the urge to get the season pass…

  • Even though I successfully rolled Itto in Genshin I’m just not into it atm.

    I know I say it a lot but I’m finally going to begin a proper play through of Cyberpunk, by Toutatis!

  • Bit the bullet on upgrading my remaining 4 months of PS+ to PS+ Extra for $20. Worth it just for Returnal, so good. Hoping to get some Miles Morales, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ass Creed Valhalla in as well.

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