Crunchyroll Expo Australia Tickets Are Now On Sale

Crunchyroll Expo Australia Tickets Are Now On Sale
Image: Crunchyroll

Tickets to the inaugural Crunchyroll Expo Australia convention have officially gone on sale.

The show will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (the same place as PAX Aus) from Saturday, September 17 to Sunday, September 18th. Only one major guest has been confirmed for the show so far, but a good one: Ricco Fajardo the actor who plays Mirio in My Hero Academia will attend the show for signings, panels, and pictures with fans. There’s also the Crunchyroll-Hime’s Cosplay Cup, a cosplay competition where contestants stand to win cash prizes. The winning cosplays are assessed on construction, performance, and innovation.

Tickets are available from Tixr and come in four flavours:

Saturday only: $45

Sunday only: $40

Saturday + Sunday: $55

VIP: $290

If the price of that VIP ticket raised your eyebrows, you wouldn’t be alone. What do you get for almost (counts on fingers) around 6 times the price of a regular ticket? We reached out to Crunchyroll for clarification and here’s what we now know: VIP ticket holders get a weekend pass to the entire event, and 30 minutes of early access to the exhibitor hall. They also get early access to signings, and guest tokens for photo ops. They’ll also get queuing and access to panel stages. One last current perk: if you’ve found yourself too weighed down by convention merch, VIPs are also free to leave bags at the weapons check.

Crunchyroll says there are still more perks for the VIP ticket to be revealed. Keep your eye out for that.

Updated 1:53 pm AEST, 15/7/22 with additional comment from Crunchyroll.


    • Its a re-branding of the Madman Festival thats been going for quite a while, done after crunchyroll purchased madman. They said the people who ran/organised that will be doing so for crunchyroll expo as well.
      Obviously could be untrue or exaggerated. But fingers crossed it maintains the quality of MadFest, which have been absolutely fantastic.

      Hopefully it has more going on than the recent melbourne comic con, which was quite lacking compared to normal.

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