Here Are The Dinosaurs You’ll Be Fighting In Exoprimal

Here Are The Dinosaurs You’ll Be Fighting In Exoprimal

This game may not be Dino Crisis, but Exoprimal does have something in common with the former: there is more than one type of dinosaur there.

Exoprimal, announced during March’s PlayStation State of Play, is a third-person action-shooter developed by Capcom where you are an exo-suit-wearing marine that has to go absolutely apeshit on dinosaurs big, small, and gunked up.

It’s very much giving Anthem mixed with the various Jurassic Park arcade games where you shoot the dinosaurs (to death) rather than being the sicko that makes the park in the first place.

In a new trailer showcased at San Diego Comic-Con, we got to have a look at all the dinosaurs that people will meet in Exoprimal including the ones that are all fucked up. You can check out the full video below.

So what pink elephants are on parade here? Let’s discuss that, as well as whether or not I would survive them.

Dinosaurs (Normal)

Image: Capcom

Velociraptor (pictured)

Pictured above. The most annoying of the dinosaurs, because they are fast and move in groups. If hundreds of velociraptors fell from the sky, I wouldn’t run. I would stand under them and let myself die.


NOT pterodactyls. What’s the difference? I don’t know, I’m not a dinosaur expert. They are from the same pool of dinosaurs though, so that counts for something. I think I would be able to outrun one at first, but once it got me in the sky, I’d be done for. This is because I cannot fly.


Big spiky fella. Big fucker. Obviously not as big as the last two on the normal guy list, but this one’s still a big guy. Throws its big horrible rock tail around like there’s no tomorrow. They’re herbivores so I know it wouldn’t eat me, but one hit from the tail and I’m super duper dead.


Sorry guys, but this name is simply too long. I think I would die from old age just saying the name. I will not let it leave my lips. Somewhat similar to the velociraptor in body type, they’ve got that whack dome piece that would immediately give me brain damage if I went head-to-head with it.


We all know the triceratops. You say this name, and the image immediately pops into your head. An undeniable classic. I’d like to believe that this big boy would not kill me, so I think we would just be friends. Besties, even.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Icon. We know this one too well. The T. rex is THE dinosaur. Almost every person in the world would say ‘T. rex’ if you asked them to name a dinosaur. To question whether or not I could go up against this big bad bonky would be, quite frankly, ridiculous. Refer to the headline picture.

Neosaurs (All Gunked Up)

Image: Capcom

Gas Neosaur

Yuck. Gross beast. This one and the next one, nasty creatures. These raptor-likes explode on impact. Honestly though, if I was far away enough and had something that could hit the yucky bulbous explosive on it, I think I’d win. Hand-to-hand combat? Dead. Bye bye.

Sniper Neosaur (pictured)

Once again, and I can not stress this enough, eugh. These things probably smell like ass too. These raptor-likes can shit out purple balls and fling them at you. No matter what the distance, I’m done for. And I’d let them too for the sake of my sense of smell.

Evoker Neosaur

This one is what I like to call ‘The Friendosaurus’. Not because I believe the pteranodon-like could be my friend, but simply because its power is that it brings friends along to the party of being shot at. Alone, I could maybe take it on. But it’s never alone.

Pyro Neosaur

This pteranodon-like is almost a fire-breathing dragon. The biggest difference is that the fire comes out of its armpits, or more aptly ‘wingpits’, instead of its mouth. I think this would kill me because I think the fire would probably kill me. Maybe.

Neo Ankylosaurus

The fire rock version of the big-tailed boy surrounds itself with a bunch of fire rocks for protection, as well as shoots explosive fire rocks directly at you. This is a monstrosity for sure. If someone throws a rock at you, it hurts! If a big dinosaur made of fire rocks throws a giant explosive fire rock directly at you at a high speed, it’s time to say night-night.

Neo Tyrannosaurus Rex

It seems like Capcom isn’t ready to show off their fucked up version of the T. rex yet. Until then, all we can do is speculate. In my personal and professional opinion, I think that this is probably what they are going to reveal.

Image: Jurassic Park / Ruby Innes / Kotaku Australia

I would not win this fight, as I would be shot to death.

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