Everyone Is Going To Be Wearing Undertaker Skins In Fall Guys Next Week

Everyone Is Going To Be Wearing Undertaker Skins In Fall Guys Next Week

Ruby went home sick today, the poor thing is once again down with Covid. Show her some love in our Discord and help her feel better.

And so, with Ruby out of action, it falls to me to bring you your daily dose of Internet Weird Shit. Today: Fall Guys is adding WWE skins.

When designing new skins for its expressionless little bean men, Fall Guys has been enthusiastically leaning into Fortnite‘s lucrative Brand Crossover model. Assassin’s CreedSonic the Hedgehog, DoomBombermanNier Automata and Cuphead have all gotten a look in. It’s added influencers and streamers like Ninja an.d Mr. Beast.  It’s even done a crossover with Untitled Goose Game. It’s a lot, and the list is only going to get longer.

Wait a second, that’s Undertaker’s music!!

Many thanks to YouTube channel Fall Guys Skins for teeing up that WWE joke.

As of Friday, July 29th (the day literally everything is coming out this week) to August 2, you’ll be able to get skins to make your Fall Guys character look like WWE Superstars Asuka, Xavier Woods, and Undertaker. They’ll be in the store so you’ll have to buy them. It’s a free-to-play game on the Epic Store, what else is new.

I doubt the skins will let you body slam your rivals as they stumble their way toward the finish line, but there’s always hope. I would pay a lot for a skin that let me clothesline the trolls that stand at the finish and grab people.

The news follows another WWE collab with an Epic-owned game. Fortnite just announced this morning that an official John Cena skin is on its way to the game (and before anyone asks yes, you can see him).

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