Gearbox Closing Forums, Moving To Discord

Gearbox Closing Forums, Moving To Discord
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Gearbox just announced that the company will soon be closing down its discussion forums, and encouraging all users to instead migrate to using individual game Discords for their community needs. I am once again here to say this is a very stupid idea.

A notice on the forums — which have existed in their current form since 2015, and for a lot longer before that — explains that they have already been locked down to read-only and will soon be wiped entirely, with users having 30 days to “save any content you want to keep”:

We’ve had many good years of conversations on the Gearbox Forums. This has been a great place to connect with all of you and a haven for amazing discussions, builds, and support. During the past year, we noticed many of our community members prefer to engage on our other social platforms — and that’s great. We love talking to y’all and keeping the community going there.

Looking at where the conversations are taking place and feedback is expressed, we want to continue that dialog on our social channels where much of the community is getting their information. Our Support team will continue to receive your feedback and concerns through

As of July 19, 2022, we will turn categories to Read-Only. This means members will no longer be able to create posts on the forums, but folks will be able to read previous posts. This will provide 30 days to save any content you want to keep before it is closed. Later this summer, you’ll notice a new Gearbox website and the forums will disappear entirely.

Thank you for years of chats, guides, support, and for making this a great community. We look forward to continuing the conversation with you.

This was, is and will forever be the dumbest fucking trend in video game community management. I understand forums are becoming less popular, and that their glacial tendencies present a number of challenges. The desire to close forums down when confronted with declining use and perceived advances in technology is natural and entirely understandable.

But shifting that functionality to Discord isn’t the answer! Discord and forums are, as I’ve explained in depth previously on this site, entirely different sites with entirely different functionalities!

Discord is great for talking in the moment. It’s a place for real-time conversations (or at lease those a few hours old if they’re not as busy), a fancy way to manage multiple chat rooms and voice comms, and if that’s what you want — and millions of people around the world do, for loads of needs and wants — then great!

Forums aren’t the same though. They’re nothing like it. Forums are more deliberate, more considered, and while they’re far from perfect — I’m sure you can post a billion examples of people being neither deliberate nor considered on forums — the point is that they’re more permanent.

Forums create a record, an archive we can search through, so that whenever we want to revisit issues, or find help with a problem, or see what was happening during a certain time, we can do that. There’s a paper trail, and while sometimes that leads to embarrassing takes on tv shows and game reveals, other times it’s providing an enormous help with technical issues or parts of a game you’re stuck on.

Video game publishers and studios, I am begging you, if you really must find a way to migrate your communities and their legacy to a new platform or service, please find (or make!) one that is more suitable to the task.


  • Discord is the great satan of online software. It’s a travesty that so many videogame discussions (modding, indie, and AAA) and open-source software development communities have moved onto Discord.

    You want to look up support for a particular issue? Good luck finding it, even if you try using the search feature. If you can even find the discord server for whatever game/software you’re trying to troubleshoot.

  • I’m not sure I see that much difference between forums and discord. You can still have Boards (channels) and threads (threads), you can still post images and videos. Forums may be more static in that they are on a webpage instead of in a client but they are no more or less permanent if the website hosting goes away.

    Discord even has a few advantages, it’s more searchable than some forums that for whatever reason turn search off, both searching within the forum and searching via search engine (so many forums turn off internal searching, I have no clue why, server load maybe?) There’s also a lot of moderation tools you can use on discord that are tricky (tho not impossible) to add to a forum. Ticket tools, roles, pings etc.

    • Discord is a chat client. It really is that simple. Most content is 3-4 lines max. By design it discourages long-form well thought out posts. threads require a specific decision of the poster and disappear after a period. searching is a nightmare (which is a dubious advantage compared to, what, some hypothetical forum somewhere that turned search functionality off? I mean, WTF?). Discord is a medium that is specifically designed to be ephemeral and throwaway. Discord rolls all the bad bits of the internet into one horrible package as if that’s a feature not a limitation. Discord is cancer.

      • I must be hanging out on the wrong servers then, because the ones I am in, people post entire paragraphs and have interesting discussions and its no different than a forum. Sure it happens in real time more often than at a slow trickle, but the content is still there. Also, threads are always there, they just get archived, just like forums posts are when they run their course. (You can find them at the top of the the channel, if you click the # button) the only difference being anyone can unarchive a thread on discord, while on a forum only a moderator can do that. You’re entitled to your opinion of course, but calling Discord “cancer” is a bit much.

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