How To Get Fired From EB Games

How To Get Fired From EB Games
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When I was 17 years old, the coolest thing in the world was to work for EB Games. I want to say that is a hard revelation to admit to, but it really isn’t.

When I was 17 years old, video games were everything.

An earlier version of this story listed its original publication date as February 18, 2020, which was incorrect. It was actually first published quite a bit earlier, in January 2017. We’ve updated the piece to reflect that and apologise for the error.

To be able to go to work at a video game store made me feel like I was part of some secret society, as if I was allowed into the inner sanctum. A door had opened for me that let me see behind the curtain of this industry. It was thrilling. I really wanted to go to work, for the first time in my life. I could spend every minute thinking about video games.

Then one afternoon the manager called me, catching me at lunch, in between lectures.


“Hey man, what’s up?”

“Yeah, hey. I’m … sorry but … I have to fire you.”

I got fired from EB Games because I posted a video of myself on the internet.

The staff at our store were excellent — all of them I would still consider friends. I was lucky enough to work with human beings that made going to work easy.

The manager was a portly, affable guy with an enviable amount of brainpower. Intelligent and witty, he was absolutely wasted in that position. The assistant manager was caustic, a stick of dynamite ready to burn the entire place down if it came to that. His heart and head were in their respective right places, and like the manager, he had an intelligence that far surpassed that necessary to open boxes and put games in drawers.

He was over the droll, day-to-day of retail.

Chasing those Key Performance Indicators, asking for Game Guarantees. Customers that placed empty “pre-order now” boxes on the counter, expecting us to magically release their game of choice months ahead of its scheduled release date.

He was done with that.

The rotating cast of sales assistants all carved their own niches in my memory too. There was one guy who absolutely killed it in the group interview. He was hyperactive, cracking jokes, hitting every beat like the interview was the final scene in Whiplash. He controlled the room.

They hired him, put him in our store and it was a complete 180. It was like watching Whiplash in reverse. This ultra-talented guy devolving into a shy husk that didn’t know how to communicate at all. He had it in him, whatever it was, but the job never really clicked with him.

Hey, I mean, I wasn’t always the best employee either, I will readily admit that. I lived less than five minutes from work, but I can’t remember the amount of times I was late. There was no point counting. One morning in particular, hungover and tired, the assistant manager questioned yet another late arrival. I responded with a ‘fuck off’, jokingly, because that’s the kind of attitude we usually carried in the early morning.

But this morning was different. I put my bag out back and came back to the counter terminal to sign in, bleary-eyed but smiling. The AM exploded, and rightly so. I didn’t take much of a ‘joking’ tone when telling him to ‘fuck off’ at 9am in the morning. Twenty minutes later, we were best friends again. But I did my job. Often, I started that job minutes later than I was meant to — but I did it.

It’s not hard to work at EB Games, and it’s even easier if your 17 year old heart is set on selling games forever.

The job is simple: you sell a product that people want to buy. They come to the store, coins and notes coalescing in their pockets, and they hand over those coins and notes they have spent time earning to buy video games. Some even use those coins and notes to reserve a video game that is coming in the future with special features. Others use them on gift cards or accessories.

In any retail space you are required to be hitting targets, ensuring you get the right amount of game guarantees, ensuring you make the right amount of money, ensuring the store is making as much revenue as possible. There’s little heavy-lifting going on in the brain though. Your job is to get the product from one side of the counter to the other.

I was Good at performing this task.

How To Get Fired From EB GamesImage: Army of Two

In 2007, the internet was not the internet of today. I don’t think Presidents were really tweeting all that much. YouTube was the domain of funny home videos and cats, not a juggernaut of teen entertainment featuring Actual Humans Playing Video Games, making tons of money. In 2007, the Wii was just changing the nature of who was playing and how.

In 2007, EB Games employees didn’t wear blue polo shirts — they had to wear a button up and a tie. It was a different time.

In 2007, I upload a video to my YouTube titled “ForfeiturEB”. That’s a portmanteau of the words ‘forfeiture’ and the title of the store the video was shot in — ‘EB’ — for those playing at home. ‘Forfeiture’ is a song by the hardcore band ‘House vs Hurricane’ from Melbourne. When I was younger, I floated around a lot of the local hardcore gigs and these guys always seemed to pop up as an opener for some of the biggest international acts.

Forfeiture was, by far, their most popular song. It’s video clip is filled with long-haired band members doing guitar windmills and headbanging. About halfway through the growling vocals give way to slower, more melodic tones. A gradual build occurs, before synth pierces through the breakdown. Then, you get hardcore’s version of The Drop — synth keys and a dancing drum beat. There’s something a little Metroid Prime about it. I used to love hearing that.

In 2007, I played the song ‘Forfeiture’ on my Sony Ericsson K800i mobile device, which, compared to the wonder devices that currently sit in our pockets, was a terrible audio and visual recording device. But hey, it was a SpaceX Rocket in 2007.

I got the phone to play the song ‘Forfeiture’ and then set it up on the cupboard that encased our Xbox 360 demo unit and TV. As the song was reaching its synth-filled conclusion, 2 minutes and 25 seconds in, I decided that I would record myself ‘dancing’ around the store.

So, I did. That video — which lasts 46 seconds — got me fired from EB Games. It features me jumping over a stack of computer speaker boxes from brands I don’t even remember and then dancing, briefly — or rather, shaking my hips at — a customer clad in blue and black Fubu gear.

On the counter is a copy of Army of Two. It was a pre-owned copy. The customer eventually returned it.

How To Get Fired From EB GamesA shot from the video in question.

“Yeah, hey. I’m… sorry but… I have to fire you.”

I laughed. Of course this was some sort of joke that the guys were playing on me. They’d hang up any minute now, wait for me to panic, then call back, right?

“No, I really have to fire you. They found your video.”

In 2007, my YouTube video had about 1000 views. A lot of those views no doubt came from employees at other stores. The video spread slowly through the company, and people I had barely met would know me, by name, when I called their store asking for transfers. It was hardly a ‘sensation’. I like to think that maybe I was a little ahead of my time, and that a story like this one would have been local-TV-newsworthy in 2016. I was enjoying my job, enjoying customer service, enjoying being a real human being at a workplace where interactions with people are key to success and it was all taken from me because I jumped over some boxes and shimmied next to a customer.

The video itself had garnered a lot of positive comments. This was before the times of “SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON GUYS.” Random people who stumbled upon it saying that they’d definitely want to shop at the store, and friends calling me a dreamboat (cheers, guys). I can’t recall a negative comment being posted.

Eventually, my masterpiece was found by our Area Manager, who was already feeling the pressure and was swinging the axe all over the place. He phoned my manager and gave him an ultimatum — ‘fire this guy, or you’re getting fired’ — so down the axe came once more, right over my neck. And, really who can blame my manager anyway?

Actually, no, who can blame anyone but me? It was a stupid thing to do.

So, in 2007, I got fired from EB Games for jumping over boxes and dancing with a customer.

Losing my job in 2007 wasn’t horrible. Sure, it sucked. There was a few months of uncertainty between jobs. But it wasn’t horrible. Under the terms in my casual contract, EB Games was well in their right to fire me. Some of the horror stories I’ve seen from other employees — my story pales in comparison to theirs. I feel stupid even comparing them. They aren’t on the same planet.

I’m not here to pile on — it’s easy to hate on EB Games, their inflated RRPs, the trade-ins, pre-order bonuses, dodgy website and broken ‘promises’. I don’t have to add to the chorus of woe. Merely, it’s obvious to me, some ten years removed, how my relationship with video games has changed and how the internet’s relationship with video games has changed, too.

How To Get Fired From EB Games

Video games are important to me. There’s no shame in that. I have no doubts about their ‘goodness’ — the inherent ability of art to make us think, to change how we feel, to captivate us, to make us better. Smarter. More open. Accepting. Understanding.

Getting fired from EB Games was a necessary kick in the ass. Initially, I was bitter. That gave way to acceptance and then, upon reflection, wanting to stay in this industry — not the retail video game space, but the industry of writing, creating and being involved in all aspects of enjoying video games. The idea of wanting to communicate that and share that with other people.

Upon reflection, that was the joy of working in an EB Games store. The ability to connect with people who enjoyed the same thing you did, on a day to day basis. The ability to help them decide what to play next, hear them get angry when a game didn’t live up to their expectations, watch them smile about an indie sleeper that exceeded their expectations.

Now, I am lucky enough — and have worked hard enough — to be able to share my love for video games as another Real Job.

When you’re 17 years old, working at EB Games is The Dream Job.

Now, in 2017, the pathways to video games are far more open, far less complex or skills-based. You can buy a webcam and a microphone and, with enough charisma, get people to watch you play video games online. Perhaps, if you’re really good at a competitive game, you’ll even enter a competition or an esports league. It’s amazing how far the industry has come in ten years, how it has evolved from this niche passion where the only job you can get is selling the games in a store in the middle of the suburbs.

Working at EB Games is no longer The Dream Job.

It’s all about gutting stock, and filling shelves and returning scratched disks and doing extra hours you never get paid for and trying to make sure you hit your performance targets because, hey, there’s always someone who can come in and take your job if you don’t want it!

Getting fired from EB Games was the best thing that could have happened to me.

This story was originally published in January 2017.


  • I was fired from EB Games, after a lady had put in a complaint about me, stating I ruined Xmas for her son. She had come in 3 days before Xmas, with her son, to pick up a layby. I got it from out back, went to the counter, scanned them through, then held the games up and asked if she wanted a bag or not, and she started freaking out, as they were apparently gifts for the SON SHE BROUGHT TO THE STORE STANDING NEXT TO HER.

    Moral of the story, customers are morons.

    • This is why customer service jobs suck: because they involve customers. I can never, and WILL never, work in customer service; I doubt I’d last 2 days before I told some retard to fuck off and walk in front of a bus.

    • Moral of the story, customers are morons.

      Anybody that has spent any length of time in a customer service position will agree with this. Sure, there are good customers, but they’re few and far between.

      I used to hear the phrase “the customer is always right” when I was younger and not think much of it. But after spending a considerable amount of years in customer service roles I know that it couldn’t be more wrong. So I modified it to “the customer thinks they’re always right”,but they rarely are.

      Also, a company that fires you for something so petty isn’t worth working for.

      • “The customer is always right” isn’t to be taken from the customers perspective, it’s from the business/company perspective. It’s used to imply “customer satisfaction guaranteed”.

        It particularly applies when the customer IS wrong.

        Sadly, in these days of gigantic corporations owning everything and investor satisfaction trumping customer satisfaction, it has disappeared from just about everywhere. These days, the customer is always wrong and has to spend hours on the phone proving they aren’t.

      • That’s because in retail the term, the customer is always right, has nothing to do with customers being right. (As you say)

        It’s about reminding staff of the attitude they will inevitably face from customers and the image they are expected to uphold to the best of their ability.

        I used to explain to new employees that professionalism under fire was the greatest weapon they had against customers,
        There is nothing more satisfying than chopping somebody to pieces with exceptional customer service.

        • The customer is always right simply refers to economics. Aka, the market, the consumer, will decide if a product, store, brand, whatever, is successful. The bastardisation of that phrase into I’m the customer, waaah, tantrum, is a misinterpretation of idiotic people that has overtaken the conventional meaning. And that too many companies actively cater to, and punish staff for.

      • Sales assistants are the morons. You get paid to service the transaction. People EXPECT apathetic arsebeards now days because of the above attitude. Work and talk like you’re getting paid for it. I’ve done it. An arsehole is just s potential friend you have earned the respect of yet.

    • HAH… i still remember being forced to wait a good 10-15 minutes at he counter at the time because some idiot numpty was “asking for a refund for his Wii”…

      Except.. it wasn’t his, it was his girlfriends, he didn’t have it on him because it was stolen, he didn’t have a receipt but hey he can show a photo of it from his phone to prove he.. i mean his girlfriend had the Wii before it was “stolen”.

      I honestly commend the guy at the counter for managing to stay civil to that moron for wasting everyones time XD

      • Potentially damaging stock, wilfully acting in an unsafe manner, use of company property/logo without company consent, negatively portraying the company on social media, use of copyright protected company image without permission.
        Even the Vice President of the company would have trouble claiming unfair dismissal against that.

    • I got fired because I showed my fellow co workers what a side car was.. since there was a rule saying you can’t look at something on the computers unless it’s work related.

      But no higher ups ever enforced it unless they did it to someone who they didn’t like. It’s an unfair and biased workplace that makes you feel inadequate because your not on someone’s good side. But yeah, the grass is greener on the other side so the hell to that stupid place.

      Fired for looking up a motorcycle sidecar, I still can’t believe it :/

      • You just said they’d only enforce it on people they didn’t like so the internet search on the computer was probably just the final straw.

    • This, and many other reasons, is why my unskilled butt worked in a factory for years. My friends mostly worked in retail and hospitality, and I didn’t want to have to deal with the heinous species known as “the customer”.

    • They stopped? What the… That was the key part of life back then. I transferred so much rare stock to my own store so I could bu….

      Oh wait. I see why they stopped.

    • Transfers were fufilled by Australia Post – and big surprise, things went missing in the mail. So they stopped doing them to stop the money loss, I suppose. At least this is what the guys at my store told me.

      • EB Games have an active account with Australia Post to fulfil all of their online orders, so that story seems a little bit bullshit

        • There’s no real other option for posting in australia though (in terms of coverage). They can easily just stop doing transfers but not posting online orders isn’t really an option. And in my experience with auspost I’m sure they’re losing stock but the online sales would make up for it.

      • Yeah, I’ve worked at AusPost. They’re far from perfect but tampering with mail isn’t just a firing offence, it’s a go to prison offence. There are systems in place to catch that. I’d be very surprised if things went ‘missing’ in the mail due to AusPost. It’s more likely stock went missing from EB stores and AusPost was blamed.

    • Isn’t it obvious. He was having fun on company time, and everybody knows you’re not allowed to be happy at work.

    • I was told that I broke 11 or more rules. The Area Manager – who I called to discuss the firing – could get to 3 before giving up.

      Destroying Stock
      Not Working While On Company Time
      Bad Image For The Company

      • Weird, this reply wasn’t there when I made my other one. Yay for the vagaries of internet forums.

        Hmm, did you actually destroy stock? I didn’t see that. Fair enough on the not working comment. But damn, that’s a harsh rule for a first offense. Bad image is a tough one, I mean a huge percentage of the likely customers would probably have seen that sort of behaviour as a selling point not a negative. But I guess corporate is corporate.

        • I was stuck in moderation yesterday bud!

          The initial jump over a bunch of speakers was apparently destroying stock, but that wasn’t exactly easy to prove. Pretty sure the stock got sold. It’s not as if they took it off the shelves.

          It seemed that people didn’t really swear off EB Games (they are still thriving right?…) because of the video so… But such is life eh?

    • There is probably terms in the employee code of conduct that covers safety (jumping over a stack of boxes), appropriate behaviour in the work place (jumping over a stack of boxes in full view of a customer, then dancing), and also filming a non-work related video within the store during work time.

      The jumping of the boxes would have been enough as it could be classed as a serious breach of safety, a basic risk assessment is all it takes:

      What could happen? The associate could trip or fall while jumping the boxes and cause injury to themselves or others in the area, they could also cause damage to stock or store fixtures.

      I can see the fun in it all, but at the same time my experience as a retail manager can’t help but point out the breaches.

      • Yeah, I could see the possible breaches – like you say. I’m still curious whether they actually said what the fireable offense was. Primarily because most places don’t have an instant “you’re fired” policy unless you do something super bad. I’d have expected them to caution him first.

        • Would be good to know if they told him the reason. Safety breaches usually are instant dismissal and as Tigerion said, casual contracts are pretty easy to terminate, especially when it is a 17yr old who doesn’t know they have rights still, depending on the circumstances.

    • When I worked at EB (circa 2008) I believe there was a social media section in the contract, so this would have violated that, assuming it was in OP’s contract as well.

    • Seriously? You watched the video and are wondering why he got fired?

      I work for a university maintaining their printers. If I hurdled over a printer, aggressively danced at a student or staff member and then hurdled myself around the room I would be fired on the spot.

      And it is actually quite hard to be fired from a uni. But all of that behaviour is totally unacceptable in the work place. I know it sucks. We should all be free to be unique snowflakes. But it’s the way it is. I can’t imagine too many companies seeing video evidence of this behaviour and not at the very least, giving that employee a serious warning.

      I’m really surprised that anyone is surprised by this outcome. Cool dance moves tho’.

      • Who was surprised? And why wouldn’t you wonder what their justification was?

        I was really curious whether they gave a reason at all, a BS reason, or a valid reason.

  • I got fired from EB Games for ‘not being early enough’, despite being rostered on for over 50 hours and being employed to work 38.

    • I remember one of our juniors getting fired for “not having the right attitude”, because he wasn’t willing to come into a midnight launch and work for hours without pay. He was a High School student, in the middle of his senior exam block

  • Hey Ryan. I have always hated the eb games for all sorts of reason anyway and this made me hate it even more. I promise you i wont buy anything from eb games even if its the last place on earth to buy games. Fck you Ebgames!

    • Did you watch the video? Pretty obvious he should have been let go for that. Not so much the dancing, or even the potential damage of stock, it would be for disrespecting a customer. Game over.

      Also, my local EB games have been 100% fine with any price match recently, only too happy to. Hence my business will always go there first.

  • I was fired from EB when a lady and her two mentally challenged children came in at 6.20 on a Saturday (we normally closed at 6, but I was stuck finishing a pile of trades) with three bags of trade ins, an X360 and PS2. I told them that I was sorry, but we were closing due to it already being past close time and that their trade ins would likely keep me back too long (this is from the days when you had a tv under the desk to test machines but EB were stingy as all hell and would complain whenever I closed even slightly later).

    Unluckily for me the store manager was wandering past and decided to pop her head in, as our town is only small she was instantly recognised by the customer and the lady then proceeded to spin a tall tale about how she couldn’t come back in the morning as she had surgery to attend at the hospital. Now you may ask how I know its a tall tale, but the answer is really simple. There is no elective surgery on a Sunday at our only hospital (I had a friend that worked there that was straight forward and said they only did emergency sort of stuff, but it was more likely that people would be shipped down to Adelaide).

    At this point the manager walks up to me and is pretty clean cut about it all; “Give me your keys, Jamie”. “Errr what?” I replied, completely baffled by how my manager had been taken in by this story from a lady she knew had lied to her in the past in order to get EB to take returns for titles she had no receipt for.

    Sure enough I lost my job and just like the sun sets every day; the lady was in the store the next day with her two sons while they complained about her not buying them the games they wanted (found out thanks to another junior that worked there). Even after the manager sheepishly apologised to me I was never offered my job back and to this day cold shoulder the lady that got me fired.

    As a person that doesn’t do well with people going out of their way to spurn me I have to this date;
    -Kicked her out of my tavern job multiple times over minor disputes.
    -Charged her more for tech support when I was doing solo jobs years ago.
    -Took very little interest in getting an issue she had caused to her phone line fixed.
    I am not proud with what I have done, but the morale of the story is that fucking someone over in a small town rarely has good consequences (especially if you turn out to require people with skills and you have none of your own).

    Oh and bugger dol bludgers.

    • Not surprising really. In my experience working customer service long enough starts to put you off people, especially if you have a lot of the same asshole customers.

      Due to working in customer service I’m absolutely the type of person that no longer accepts any sort of bullshit from people in general, one might even say I actually liked people before running a motel for nearly 7 years.

      These days though, if politely telling someone they’re being unreasonable/difficult/whatever (when they actually are) is going to get me fired… So be it. At that point it is clearly a place that doesn’t give a shit about the employees anyway. That, and some customers just need to be told to stop treating others like shit.

      Sure some will keep going like you’ve just insulted royalty, but many people will actually stop ranting and apologise. It’s something that I fully suspect occurs purely because others working customer service have let such people just walk all over them forever, and they’re just so surprised someone finally snapped back. At least next time they might think twice.

      It’s absolutely not worth ending every day feeling like shit all because some people think they’re the centre of the goddamn universe.

    • You got fired cause you essentially said no to 3 bags worth of trade-ins.

      I don’t agree with the store manager, and you had a solid case for unfair dismissal.

      If I was your store manager at the time I would have signed in and ran the trades through myself because KPI’s were everything to Head Office.

      • Pretty much how I felt, as per usual EB garbage we were woefully understaffed in a store that was open seven days a week for full business hours with only three staff members (quite literally soul crushing during sales). It wasn’t a case of me not wanting to do it really, at the time I had nothing better to do, but the manager would chew me out because she didn’t have extra hours for me, but at the same time wouldn’t let me just chill and work it to get the store closed without people losing their minds.

        There were so many times before that I had been told to let people know just before six as you started to wind everything down, but as our town is chill I would finish the line and get chewed out for not closing on time.

        I think it was largely a “to save face in town” thing, it was likely an issue that never got reported higher up as I never contested it.

  • i missed the EB train. i was one of those cool guys at Toys’R’Us.
    oh the shit we used to do once the shop was shut.
    electric razer scooters,
    anything throw-able,
    the fastest way to unload a stock trailer = 2 people in the truck and two people on the storeroom floor, catching boxes, thrown with gusto out of the back of the truck.
    ahhh, good times.

    • When i was a Assistant Manager at EB over 11 years ago, we had:
      minimum % of sales was to be pre-owned,
      Individual Targets for specific coming titles (preorders),
      the obvious sales volumes targets, extended warranty sales % targets
      there was more, but it was a good while ago now.

    • Depends on a lot of factors. It’s all percentage based, split between different key areas (eg. preowned sales, presells, game guarantees, and customer surveys), and separated between individual KPIs and overall store ones. Also varies swiftly between different sized stores ie. it’s hard to compare a rural store that’ll barely scrape $1k a day to a CBD store making $80k.

  • JB is the new EB now days. Id kill to work there. Im at the age now where a job with the less amount of responsibility is for me.

  • Gonna be brutally honest, you deserved to be fired. That was pretty unprofessional. I think you were lucky that your boss wasn’t a dick about it.

  • EB Games isn’t the same as it use to be, you have managers that get blowjobs in the store room when it’s closed, you have store managers bitching about staff behind their backs, straight up conversations from area managers about how they wouldn’t promote a staff member who was capable and right for a promotion just because they didn’t like them and aren’t apart of their clique all during stoketakes, blatant sexual harassment and being encouraged to not do anything about it, keeping on a store manager who is so incompetent that they are one of the worst in the districts but only kept on because of how much ass they can suck, giving promotions to staff who couldn’t tell the difference between red or blue. I feel bad for the ones who genuinely do a fantastic job and are so talented that they should be given the chance to be promoted or given the chance to move up in the company but are unfolrtunately in WA you are just promised the world but used until you are let go.

    • Dude if they’re that good then they shouldn’t be there. Don’t feel sorry for people, they choose to work their. It’s good that you’re out and now you know what you won’t tolerate in the work place.

    • Ingle Farm. Just go anywhere else and mention how Ingle Farm manager screwed you over and you get knowing sympathy.

  • “How to write a self-serving opinion piece that meanders all over the place, while padding out the length with inconsequential ruminations on the authors personal thoughts that are tenuously linked to the article’s point, with a clickbait headline which is referred to fleetingly throughout the article and whose conclusion is barley worth a mention and sums up nothing.”

    Fixed it.

  • Um House Vs Hurricane weren’t a hardcore band, more like teen synth metalcore shit. Hate to nitpick but its like calling The Last of Us a bro shooter.

  • I got fired as well and the reason always pisses me off. Went on holidays to Bali with friends and we were all tagging each other on Facebook and taking photos of our trip and when I returned I got fired because apparently one of the photos shows me doing drugs… Fuck EB games, getting involved in my life outside of work I will never set foot in those fucking stores again.

  • And here I was hoping this was about the guy in Ballarat that is apparently bulletproof according to head office and the area manager.

    • Editor: “Quick, let’s bring back anything catchy in the last 6 months on E3!”
      Journo searches for “EB
      Journo: “Annnnnnnd, done!”


  • I just watched the video and am really struggling to picture how you didn’t expect to be fired for it… It’s a workplace, not a playground. You did that in front of a customer and another staff member. Any place would fire you.

  • Come on guys, there is plenty enough happening at the moment that you dont have to repost a 6 month old article.

  • Seems everyone has an ebgames firing story,

    I was 17 and got picked by a secret shopper during the halo 3 release chaos, they wanted a ps3 which were almost out of stock everywhere, rather than sit on the phone to other stores knowing if any had one, they werent going to give it up, so i let them know the bigw in the shopping center had about 3 that we saw yesterday.

    Manager called me the next day saying the area manager couldnt fire me over it but could cut all my shifts back to zero.

    a year later i got a call from a brand new manager asking if i could do a shift, then they seemed annoyed i was still on the roster when i told them.

  • I got fired from EB Games for crap reasons too. I spent 2 years doing the job that the store manager was supposed to be doing. When she (SM) found out I had enquired about gaining some proper management training from the AM she was pissed. Suddenly a flood of false complaints about me went through the store claiming I had made unsavory comments about the SM and within days I was fired. No investigation was done by the AM to the validity of the complaints.

  • What’s the deal with this article being reposted every 6 months? This has got to be atleast the third time I’ve seen it.

    • I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t for the fact they have been doing this pretty much constantly the last few months or so.

      Seriously does no one do anymore articles in here besides Faux Drama anymore? Heck even the UFC posts required some effort and research to write. And even the infamous Luke Plunkett 1 image 1 paragraph posts had some effort to do…

        • Hey there!

          It’s New Years Day – a public holiday in Australia. Fortunately for us, we are able to take those public holidays off. Alex works his ass off for like 340 days of the year. For the very few days we don’t have anyone working on the site — you may see a repost.

          These longer reads are scheduled for those that haven’t read them before. If you have – just move on to the next article, no need to dig in to the editor.

          • Seriously, just leave the site without posts for a day or two out of the year, so stupid to repost old aritcles to make the site still look like its posting.

          • Seriously, just leave the site without posts for a day or two out of the year

            Why? Because you’ve read the article before so therefore no one else wants to?

          • Nothing stopping people from reading it as the original version is still on the site.
            No need to repost it. If you were looking for hits you could of just made an article that says sometihng along the lines of…in case you missed it and provide links to said articles just like you do with the weekly reminder ones.
            You are just trying to make it look like there are new articles being posted every day.

          • Coming from within the churnalism industry, I realise that there are pressures from above to try this type of repost rubbish, and this time it didn’t work.

            You probably don’t have time to prepare longreads in advance for posting during public holidays – have Allure considered hiring more staff?

            I obviously don’t have access to your metrics, but I would assume that a large portion of homepage visits and article clickthroughs come from regular readers, like myself and Matt above. Driving away regular readers with reposts and aggressive replies is a terrible way to run a website that relies on clicks from returning customers.

            I urge you to reconsider using these types of reposts, or if not, to at least consider the (very) valid opinions of your regular readers. Despite what you may think, we actually give a crap about this website and want to see it thrive.

            TLDR: We will take our clicks elsewhere if this rubbish continues

          • Hey!

            My two replies were not aggressive in any way.

            Appreciate the input, enjoy your holidays.

          • Guess what mate… seeing as this post was made in Kotaku Australia I’m fairly sure most of us here are aussies and are fully aware of the public holidays. Hence we are all typing away here instead of being productive =P

            The thing is I have nothing against this article. I enjoyed this article for what it was. I also have nothing against reposts. But the point me and weresmurf made was there has been far too many reposts as of late. Heck not just reposts but double reposts at that. And it wasn’t just over the X-mas/NYE holidays break. It’s been going on with regular frequency these past few months so you can’t even use the “it’s holidays” excuse either…

          • Hey rock_m, we appreciate the feedback.

            It isn’t the holidays any more so we’re all about N E W C O N T E N T. Hope you enjoy!

          • It’s now the 18th February, 2020.

            Last I checked – not a public holiday.

            What’s your excuse this time? Coronavirus?

  • lol if you worked in a Melbourne store in 2007 then I’m pretty sure I know who fired you. Can only be one of 2 people.

  • This still hits me in the feels. I managed 3 stores over a 5 year period and lost my position over $2. No backstory or dodgy dealings… $2.
    Sentiment is the same- getting fired was the best thing to ever happen to me.

  • I think I’d prefer walking into EB and having some dude dancing around, rather than being sniffed at while I have to say “no” to every pre-order offer in existence.

  • Hardcore? More like elevator music for hipsters!

    Try some real hardcore like D.R.I or Madball. I would’ve sacked your arse just for the fact you listen to plastic crap like that! 😛

  • Deja vu i’ve been in this place befoorrree~~~

    Sorry couldn’t resist… seeing as I seem to always comment when this gets reposted.. so might as well keep the tradition alive =P

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