Let’s All Judge This Very Weird Puma Active Gaming Seat

Let’s All Judge This Very Weird Puma Active Gaming Seat
Image: Puma

I need everyone to crowd in here and have a gawk at this Puma Active Gaming Seat.

Based on its design, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s less of a chair and more of a saddle. Here’s an instructional video direct from the marketing department tasked with selling this strange piece of gaming ephemera:

So you can rock back and forward on it, depending on the intensity of play. The rocking motion would certainly make it a little easier to get up off the thing if you’ve been reclined on it. However, the lack of arms has me convinced I’d simply slide off the thing if left to rest on it too long. There are also pockets on the sides that you can use to store your peripherals and snacks.

Puma, of course, is a fitness and lifestyle brand, something that doesn’t cross over with games all that often. The purpose of the chair appears to be a last-ditch attempt to improve gamer posture and prevent hunching. The idea is that the Puma Active Gaming Seat positions you in an “active” way, making you move back and forth under your own power, while always maintaining the correct posture. That is not, in and of itself, a bad thing. But also, the guy in the video has a perfectly good lounge right there in his home. How many people logging on for some Call of Duty in the evening will elect to sit on the Gamer Saddle when there’s a comfy-arse couch right there? That’s what you’re up against with a product like this. Is it nicer to sit on than my extremely comfortable couch?

I don’t know, gang. I do like the spirit of the thing/ I think it has its heart in the right place. But I also don’t know who it’s for.

Sound off in the comments. Would a Puma Active Gaming Seat be in any way beneficial to you? Would you get one for the posture benefits? Or just to have a piece of gaming paraphernalia this odd in your home? Let me know.

If you want one, you can get them from JB Hi-Fi, Amazon, PLE, and other retailers in Australia.


  • I am getting old, I look at that picture and think about how scuffed that wood (or vinyl faux wood) floor is going to get scratched to hell by that rocking chair.

  • High impact active sitting!!

    I don’t see myself handing over that kinda cash for a branded rocking chair saddle tbh.

  • I want one but only because it is so absurd. I have no other reason for wanting it.
    Also, realistic horse motion in BotW =P

  • I think it’s quite obvious who it’s for, and it’s not people who enjoy gaming as their main hobby, but rather have gaming as an interest alongside their fitness hobby.
    Its aimed at the gym bros, who will have a few rounds of CoD before going out to play touch or do a session in the gym.
    The rockers are for catapulting the triumphant victor upright onto their feet, so their loud exultations fill the room crushing their opponents further with their victory cry.
    The saddle style is for quick entry / egress, because it’s for people who will have a quick 5 minute game, instead of settling in for a 4 hour raid.

    Its a seat for people who have as much energy in real life as their gaming avatar.

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