Netflix Has Acquired Australian Studio Animal Logic, Makers Of The LEGO Movie

Netflix Has Acquired Australian Studio Animal Logic, Makers Of The LEGO Movie
Image: Warner Bros.

Streaming giant Netflix has announced its acquisition of Animal Logic, the Australian film animation studio behind The LEGO Movie, Peter Rabbit and Happy Feet. 

The purchase was made to “support Netflix’s ambitious animated film slate”, according to the press release.

“Animal Logic is a leading animation studio with innovative technology that will strengthen our existing business and increase our long-term capacity in the animation space, so that we can better entertain our members around the world,” said Amy Reinhard, the vice president of Netflix’s studio operations.

“Netflix has been investing in animation over the past few years and this furthers our commitment to building a world-class animation studio.”

Huh, you know, that’s an interesting thing to say. Back in April, Netflix began to slash its animation projects, after subscriber number losses made headlines (it was down subscribers for the first time in its history). The streaming service still has control of market share in Australia, although Prime Video is catching up.

So, when we consider Netflix’s pretty interesting relationship with animation as of late, this acquisition of Animal Logic slots in quite strangely.

Despite this, however, it’s worth noting that Netflix produced one of the best animated shows ever made last year. The streaming service also established a physical production team in Australia last year.

“After 30 years of producing great work with great people, this is the perfect next chapter for Animal Logic,” said Zareh Nalbandian, the CEO and co-founder of Animal Logic.

“Our values and aspirations could not be more aligned with Netflix, in working with diverse content makers, producing innovative and engaging stories for audiences around the world. Our collective experience and talent will open new doors for all our teams and will empower a new level of creativity in animation.”

The acquisition builds on a partnership between the two companies: Animal Logic was already making two movies for Netflix, The Magician’s Elephant and The Shrinking of the Treehorns.

Additionally, noted in Netflix’s press release is something I didn’t really know: Animal Logic assisted with the visual effects of The MatrixMoulin Rouge!300 and The Great Gatsby.

Animal Logic Entertainment, a separate business that produced the likes of Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole will continue to function independently, collaborating with filmmakers and studios.

We’re big fans of Animal Logic, so we’re keen to see where Netflix takes one of Australia’s biggest success stories.


  • Animal Logic were also the VFX studio responsible for all of the HUD holographic elements for Tony Stark in the Marvel movies as well. A few years back, they did a presentation at a convention about what a nightmare Joss Whedon was to work for on Age of Ultron because he couldn’t get his shit together. They’ve been doing a lot of great work for years and them being acquired by Netflix might let them escape the hell of ever working for Disney ever again. Best of luck to them!

    • Disney ain’t the problem, it’s AmeriKKKans. They’ll start gutting AL and Australian jobs will be the casualties, much like how Unity is doing with their fancy new VFX acquisition.

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