Thank You, New Friends, For Helping Me Beat Big Baddies In Genshin Impact

Thank You, New Friends, For Helping Me Beat Big Baddies In Genshin Impact

I’m very new to playing Genshin Impact, so when I unlocked the ability to play in Co-Op Mode I was hesitant to give it a go.

I’m one of those people who generally avoid playing online games as the thought of letting anybody down terrifies me. If I am bad at a video game and it negatively impacts somebody else’s experience, I feel an immense amount of guilt about it.

Not to mention, getting roasted by other players on how bad I am at video games (something that I already know and proudly state online) is exhausting. Therefore, I choose to stick to single-player games and co-op games with my friends.

So once I unlocked Co-Op Mode, I found people requesting to join my world fairly often. Why were they doing this? What did these people have in store for me? In the words of my lovely friend and fellow writer Samantha Low, were they on a quest to steal my mushrooms?

I plan to play with Samantha in due time, as she will proceed to pick me up like a baby and carry me around as she beats the shit out of big baddies while I cry.

So I was hesitant at first, we know this. However, I was also incredibly curious as the World Join Requests just kept on coming. So, out of this curiosity, I decided to accept a player called Moon, and then another called Vannn.

My new friends in Genshin Impact

When Moon joined, I was in the middle of a quest where I had to put beacons around Dragonspire. Moon silently followed me around, fighting monsters and baddies in their travels. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with my new friend, as I had never played Genshin Impact with anybody up until now.

Once I finished putting the beacons up, I went to see what Moon was doing. They had just defeated these big scary dudes that would normally take me a fair bit to beat, and they were jumping up and down next to a chest.

Playing on my PlayStation 5, it was a bit finicky to type but I did so regardless. I simply said, “For me????”, to which they replied, “Ofc.” From there, we started to chat and then went off on our way to, in my own words, ‘fight big baddies’. After this, I got another request from Vannn, who I also decided to allow into our little group.

Once Vannn joined, we all started to talk a bit more. We all decided to go off and seek out different Hypostasis and Regisvine bosses, as these bosses would normally take quite a while for me to finish off on my own.

With my new friends, they were slain in a pinch.

Learning new languages

After a bit of playing, Vannn revealed that they were from Indonesia, and that their English wasn’t very good. Not only was this a surprise considering their English was very good (not to mention, I am a simple mono-language pleb), but this led to Moon revealing that they were from Malaysia.

When I told them I was from Australia, they asked why I was playing on the Asia server, and I explained that Australia doesn’t have their own server, so Asia is the default and has the best connection times in comparison to connecting to other servers. They understood, and we continued to play.

To be completely honest, these folks were absolutely carrying me. They were both a lot better than I was at Genshin, but that didn’t seem to matter. They would plow through baddies and offer me the chest rewards, and Moon even revealed a sneaky chest in front of a waterfall on the outskirts of the map. It was very wholesome.

After this, Vannn asked if we wanted to learn some Indonesian. This resulted in me learning that ‘Your Father’s Head’ and ‘Your Mother Is Green’ are considered to be quite rude phrases in Indonesia. This absolutely rocked and rolled. There were also other cuss words, but they were censored.

I told them that Australians aren’t very creative with our swears and cusses, and really just use ‘The C Word’ a lot. This resulted in both of them saying, “Oooh.”

The conclusion

At the end of our playdate, I had other duties that called to me. To put it simply, I had to organise dinner in the real world because I was getting real-world hungry. We all added each other and agreed to play again together sometime soon.

This is honestly probably one of the most wholesome and funny online gaming experiences I’ve had in quite a while. I’m very excited to play with already-established friends of mine, but the fact that I was introduced to two completely new friends that immediately wanted to help me was really nice.

It was a very similar vibe to me as when I played Journey for the first time, but different in a number of ways. When I played Journey, I was aware that it was years after release and didn’t expect to find myself running along the sands with another person. But alas, I did, and it was a silent and sweet experience.

With Genshin Impact, I knew that the player base was massive and I knew exactly who was coming and when. While I was initially scared of what would happen when I let strangers into my game, I was pleasantly surprised with the end result.

I hope to get big and strong in Genshin Impact, so I can do what certified sweeties Moon and Vannn did for me: help weak babies like myself beat big baddies and reap the benefits from it. The chads of the video game world that carry the virgin players like myself are the freakin’ best.

Sometimes games like Genshin Impact result in lovely and wholesome experiences with people from all across the world, and I just think that’s really great. I can’t wait to see what new friends I make in the future, and I can’t wait to learn many other rude phrases in different languages.

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