PS5 Stock Drops In Australia Appear To Be Getting Longer, And We’re On The Case

PS5 Stock Drops In Australia Appear To Be Getting Longer, And We’re On The Case
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After a brief silence during June, regular PS5 console stock drops returned to retailers in Australia this week. However, there was something about their return that was different. If I noticed it, maybe you did too. But in case you didn’t: they’re sticking around longer than before.

EB Games had its first big drop in quite a while this week, and stock stayed available for as long as two hours before they were reportedly sold out. As PS5 drops go, two hours might as well be an eternity.

However Big W, a company well known for underordering stock, somehow had that beat on Thursday. Big W’s drop ran almost three hours before selling out. We were offsite at a work event yesterday and unable to report on it at the time, but Gizmodo AU’s Zac Kelly and I kept a wary eye on it throughout.

So what can we draw from this relatively small sample size of Two? Honestly, probably not that much. It’s almost certainly premature to draw any hard conclusions here. However, to quote the great Dr. Doofenschmirtz, that isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice. Could it spell a change in the wind? After two and a half years of minutes-long drops and frantic scrambles to buy hardware, have enough people finally secured a PS5 that drops can last that little bit longer? One can only hope.

On the other hand, maybe it’s the result of solid process. Both Big W and EB Games, as we know, implemented systems around PS5 drops that keep console scalpers and bots at bay. Doesn’t feel like a stretch to say we’re seeing those rules in action here. Fewer consoles finding their way into the hands of the resale market and more going to genuine customers.

With the threat of a third Christmas full of hardware shortages looking more and more likely, longer drop windows constitute progress. I’ll take it.

Of course, over at Amazon Australia, PS5 stock drops timed to coincide with its Prime Day sale sold out in minutes as usual. So, look, maybe it’s not all good news just yet. But there’s a ray of sunshine that’s broken through the clouds and I’m going to hold onto that. Happy Friday.


  • Honestly, at this point in time I’m just going to hold out another 2 years and nab a PS5 slim in 2024. Fingers crossed it’s not as ugly or big (you’d think being a ‘slim’ it shouldn’t be) and it’s not like I’m missing out on my heaps of PS5 only games right now . And my ‘next gen’ third party fix is covered by the Xbox.

  • Apart from the lack of consoles available, the complete lack of any decent games both now and future releases, have made me wonder why would I even buy a PS5 at all. The thing looks terrible, about the only reason I would go and buy one if the store actually had it would be as an upgrade on the PS4 Pro Blu-ray player.

  • It’s a good sign that supply and demand is starting to stabilise and scalping is becoming less appealing.

    Pretty much the only folks who don’t have one yet are those who aren’t chasing drops or prefer to grab one off the the shelves.

    The big question is will the stabilisation be enough for the upcoming big releases and holiday period.

  • Perhaps if they didn’t stick to this preposterous artificial scarcity system and just let people place regular bloody preorders none of this would be newsworthy.

    If you could just preorder and know that you were placed at the end of the queue there’d be no need for people to try and follow when stock will appear, and bots and scalpers would have no power.

    It’s done this way on purpose as the hype and scalpers get playstation and eb more money

    • Yeah it’s a pretty crappy state of affairs.

      It’s not really an artificial scarcity in the traditional sense, the unnatural scarcity is fostering the kinds of conditions you find in a limited run situation that usually attracts scalpers and repeats anew each drop.
      Nobody is causing in on purpose but the scalpers are definitely making it worse.

      The preorder issues are a result of the supply and demand problems as well and the usual systems are in complete disarray due to the uncertainty of the supply chain on a global level.
      It would take a book to explain how many factors are in play or all the things that could and will go wrong but in short, everyone’s taking it one excruciatingly small, cautious step at a time.

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