New Mod Lets You Play Stray As A Dog Instead

New Mod Lets You Play Stray As A Dog Instead
Image: Chris Rubino / Annapurna Interactive

I’m sure we’re all loving Stray at the moment, I know I am. But what if you were a dog instead?

That’s right, you cat-loving fuck. What if you were a doggy dog? Forget Dog’s Life, and continue to neglect your Nintendogs. Don’t worry, they’ve probably run off to a better life by now.

There are all kinds of new mods for Stray, including many skins for the cat if you weren’t happy with a Garfield guy. Oh, also including a Garfield skin.

While the developers said their decision for no character customisations ultimately came down to production limitations and narrative justification, that didn’t mean that other people couldn’t take it into their own hands. And indeed they did but in an even doggier way.

As reported by Comicbook, a new mod for Stray created by Chris Rubino allows for players to replace the tabby cat with a French bulldog. There’s currently no video footage of the French Bulldog in action, so we cannot confirm that its movements have become less cat-like, or their meows have become little boofs. If you want to give it a go yourself, you can check it out here.

I think it’s great that we live in a world where people can be a cat or a dog. But why stop there? Why should we end the conversation there?

What if I want to play Stray as a weird little lizard? Or even a snail, a horrible snail that is the same size as the cat? Hey, what if I simply desire the chance to control a disturbing eldritch horror, with all the movements of a little kitty? What if?

It’s also unknown if the cats presented at the beginning of the game (spoiler alert: there is more than one cat) have also been turned into little French Bulldogs. That being said, if a stray French Bulldog lived amongst little cats, it would make sense for it to move and act like a little cat.

And in my opinion, that’s actually a bit nice.

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