What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Codemasters, Kotaku Australia

TGIF, mates.

Another week in the books, and a fairly big one for games. With the mid-year drought finally beginning to break, we find ourselves with many games to get through.

For me, I think this will be a rare weekend of self-indulgence. I usually try to play one or two games over the weekend that I can write about in the week ahead. Not this time.

I plan to blow most of the weekend on F1 22 (in between keeping up with the real-world F1 at the British Grand Prix). I know this is a relatively niche title as far as Kotaku’s audience goes, and I rarely commit most of my weekend to a single game anymore. That said, if you feel like there aren’t enough racing games that require meaningful strategy and racecraft, then I really can’t recommend it enough.

There’s also a new Adventure just dropped in Sea of Thieves so obviously I have to check that out too. I’ll be on with my usual crew probably Saturday night. If you’re on the OCE servers that night, keep an eye out for the Fangly, we’ll be itching for a fight once we knock the adventure out.

Ruby tells me she will be playing The Cult of the Lamb preview build again, clawing at the doors to all the locked content, and weeping hysterically.

So, it’s over to you: what are you playing this weekend? Picking up anything new? Diving into the pile of unplayed games on your Steam list? Logging off entirely and getting out and about? Give me the rundown. FFXIV crew, sound off, I want to hear about your adventures.

And that’s us done for the week! Thank you as always for hanging out with us, we really do appreciate you being here. No matter what you get up to this weekend, have fun, stay safe, be well, and we’ll see you back here on Monday. Cheers.


  • I will probably spend my time in Diadem in FFXIV, if I’m not helping the hippo riders, or grinding out bi-colour gems.
    Otherwise I’ll be playing Stacklands and trying to figure out how things work in that.

    Still playing littlewood as well on switch

  • Well…..with some new Genshin characters to level and my previous promise to finally start Cyberpunk in earnest…

    ….I downloaded Mad Max again.


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