Where To See The September Ubisoft Forward In Australian Times

Where To See The September Ubisoft Forward In Australian Times
Image: Ubisoft

After being a no-show during Not E3, Ubisoft has announced it will hold a major Ubisoft Forward event in September.

Yeah, September. Months away.

The polar opposite of Nintendo’s “announce it the day before” approach to broadcast drops, Ubisoft seems to want to give people plenty of time to prepare. Ubi says the show will “reveal updates and news on multiple games and projects from Ubisoft teams around the world”. During a recent livestream commemorating the franchise’s 15th anniversary, Ubisoft announced that the “future of Assassin’s Creed” would be revealed in September. It’s possible this new Forward event could be directly related to that.

We’ll probably see more about the upcoming Mario + Rabbids sequel too. By then it will also have been around a year since Far Cry 6 launched, which is usually about the time Ubi likes to announce a spin-off like Far Cry Primal or New Dawn.

Ubi has also announced a Ubisoft Forward event for July 8, all about its upcoming (and long in-development) pirate game Skull & Bones. You can find times for that broadcast right over here.


Where can I see the September Ubisoft Forward in Australia and New Zealand?

You can catch September’s Ubisoft Forward in Australia and New Zealand on Sunday, September 11, 2022.

Nice, what time is it on?

See below for Ubisoft Forward times for September in your neck of the woods!


Sunday, September 11, 2022

5:00 AM AEST



Sunday, September 11, 2022

4:30 AM ACST



Sunday, September 11, 2022

3:00 AM AWST



Sunday, September 11, 2022

7:00 AM NZST


  • Looking forward to finding out what other Assassin’s Creed games I will not be able to fully own/play…

  • Unless they are going to announce they are abandoning NFT/crypto gaming, I am not interested, I can’t trust them.

  • Finally after years of delays Ubisoft Singapore has finally given Skull and Bones fans a release date November 8 I’m sure Skull and Bones will be looking forward to that and since we’ve got the Ubisoft Forward conference in September I’m pretty sure Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope will be in this year’s Ubisoft Forward conference as well as other games including James Cameron’s Avatar Frontiers of Pandora with the Avatar sequel The Way of the Water only months away from opening at cinemas.
    Ubisoft Singapore is nothing more than absolute morons and an absolute pain in the ass for causing years of delays on Skull and Bones.
    So fuck you Ubisoft Singapore.

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