You Can Now Be A Shark In Nintendo Switch Sports

You Can Now Be A Shark In Nintendo Switch Sports

I know a lot of us have stopped playing Nintendo Switch Sports, but for those of you who are still kicking, serving, bowling and such, this is for you.

This might also be for you if you are a part of a very niche subsection of the furry community. We all recall when Nintendo Switch Sports decided to release an outfit collection that catered to furries in the form of a squirrel-esque character, but now they’ve gone and released an Ocean Collection, which will reward you a Shark Boy body if you complete it. But where is Lava Girl?

Image: Nintendo

Here’s the full list of new gear straight from the Nintendo Switch Sports website:

Completion bonus: Shark Body


  • Wet Suit
  • Rain Hat (Blue)
  • Simple Earrings
  • Chin Beard

Soccer Gear

  • Toy Shower

Tennis Gear

  • Official Tennis Racket (Purple)


  • Happy Face
  • Star Face
  • Annoyed Face
  • Worried Face

Titles 1

  • Teacher
  • Senior
  • Newborn
  • Baby

Titles 2

  • Picky
  • Artisan
  • Handmade
  • Gift

This collection will be available to unlock until July 27th, 2022 so you better be quick if you’re looking to become a slippery guy that the Australian Government scorns.

I threw my query into the world, “Is there a specific term for fish furries, like there are for lizard/dragon furries (scalies) and bird furries (avians)?”. I furiously Googled. Unfortunately, there is no specific term for fish furries, which is crazy to me.

That’s why I’m coining the term ‘finnies’ for now. If this is some sort of offensive term for Finnish people, please let me know and I will refrain from using it to refer to fish furries. As far as I know, the only use of ‘finnies’ is for the Finnie Awards that celebrate Australia’s financial technology industry.

But I’m sure they won’t mind sharing the term with Lenny from Shark Tale.

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