Crypt Of The Necrodancer Is Getting A Huge New DLC Pack, So It’s Time To Bonk To The Beat Again

Crypt Of The Necrodancer Is Getting A Huge New DLC Pack, So It’s Time To Bonk To The Beat Again

Seven years on from its inital release, Crypt of the Necrodancer is boogieing into some more sweet, sweet content.

Released in 2015, Crypt of the Necrodancer is a rhythm-based dungeon crawler made by Brace Yourself Games where you beat down baddies to the beat of the music. It rocks and also rolls. The music is great, the rhythm-based gameplay is challenging, and it was quite the juicy twist on a genre done many times before and after.

Two years after its releaseCrypt of the Necrodancer got its first pack of DLC called Amplified, which came with more music, more gameplay, more characters, and the introduction of ‘familiars’ to fight alongside you. It’s a lot of content!

Now, five years after the release of the Amplified comes another DLC for Crypt of the Necromancer, and baby, it’s beeg.

The newest DLC for Crypt of the Necrodancer is named Synchrony, and is choc-a-fuckin’-bloc. Not only have Brace Yourself Games added three new characters and a whole lot more content, but online multiplayer AND full mod support is now available in the game. Talk about longevity, am I right?

The new online multiplayer mode will allow for up to 8 players to beat to the beat together in co-op and vs modes, meaning that you and your friends can bop to the top together! You love to see it!

The full mod support aspect will also allow for most aspects of the game to be modded and will include an integrated mod portal (courtesy of Aussie start-up, and the ability to load multiple mods at once. This will make it easier for both modders and mod users to have all their mods available in one place.

And finally, the three new characters introduced are:

  • Chaunter – A ghostly-looking guy that possesses enemies and fights using their powers
  • Suzu – A speedy demon lady with an invincible dash attack
  • Klarinetta – A cool knight lady that battles with a huge two-handed sword

Now, for the real juicy part. If you haven’t grabbed Crypt of the Necrodancer before, it’s currently $8.80 AUD on Steam if you buy the bundle that comes with the base game and the Amplified pack until August 9th. Then the Synchrony DLC is $8.95 AUD until August 12th, so it’s under $20 AUD to grab a great game with a big fat bunch of extras. Why not?

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