Does Zuckerberg Really Think We’ll Pay More For The Meta Quest 2?

Does Zuckerberg Really Think We’ll Pay More For The Meta Quest 2?

Imagine buying something, then being told it’s worth more than what you paid for it. That’s how real estate works, right? At least, that’s how my millennial brain has interpreted it thus far. Maybe I shouldn’t have spent all my money on avocado toast! Anyway, price increases aren’t something we typically expect to happen with gadgets. Price slashing is par for the course, but increasing the price of a device seems like it would do more to deter sales than attract them. This week on Gadgettes, we’re wondering why Meta is increasing the price of its Quest 2 virtual reality headset by $AU150 for each tier. It’s now $AU$629.99 for the 128GB version and $AU789.99 for the 256GB version.

We discuss why this feels like a regressive strategy that might end up hurting virtual reality instead of helping Meta’s bottom line, even if the headset has helped spawn the VR revolution. The perks they include to sell these things at a higher price don’t seem worth it, either. Meta, you’ll have to try harder than throwing in a free copy of Beat Saber.

Then, we’ll walk you through Logitech’s cool new Aurora collection of gaming peripherals. They include two new keyboards, the wired G713 keyboard and the wireless G715. Both are Tenkeyless mechanical keyboards with light-up RGB and swappable face plates and keycaps. We’ll also show you the G705 wireless mouse, the G735 wireless headset, and the matching heart-shaped case that holds both of those accessories. It’s all so adorable! But it’s also all so very pandering, even if these Logitech devices have gaming DNA pulsating throughout. They’re not cheap either; Logitech’s wireless keyboard costs just as much as other pro-grade gaming peripherals, and buying the whole set would cost you upwards of hundreds of dollars. We’re still testing the devices and will deliver a full review in the next few weeks.

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