Elden Ring Running Too Slow? Just Fuck The Big Tree Right Off

Elden Ring Running Too Slow? Just Fuck The Big Tree Right Off

Who needs the big fat tree in Elden Ring anyway? Certainly not this guy.

The Erdtree in The Lands Between sits smack-bang in the middle of the map. It’s a large girthy beast that can be seen from almost any point, and is a physical representation of the Elden Ring.

It’s also an absolute frame rate vampire, as some players with less-than-stellar graphics cards found themselves facing frame rate issues the closer they got to the Erdtree.

So what can you do when a tree is the root of all of your problems? Simply go lumberjack mode and fuck it right off. And that’s just what one player did.

As reported by PCGamer, mod creator K4richard has built and released the Remove Erd Tree (FPS BOOST) mod, which literally just deletes the big fat fuck from the game. Tiiiiiiiiimbeeeeeeeeeer!

In a comment to PCGamer, K4rich explained their reasoning for the mod:

“The closer I got to the Erdtree the more demanding the game became. The Erdtree and a bunch of particle effects were clearly the root cause of the problem. After removing the tree and a couple of particles I was able to play at 30 fps on a low-end PC. A whopping 15 frames increased on a GT 1030! This mod practically lowered the graphics card requirements for the game.” 

The graphics card K4richard was using to play Elden Ring was the Nvidia GeForce GT 1030, which is considerably lower than the minimum requirement according to Steam (Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060). By just removing a very large tree, they were able to lower the minimum graphics card requirement for Elden Ring. Incredible.

Thinking about it now, there are many large objects that I would remove from games if I could. Not because they’re causing any performance issues to the game, but just out of spite.

For one, I’m fucking the moon right off from Majora’s Mask just because it is scary and ugly. Respectfully.

I think I would also remove every gun from every game and replace them with handfuls of worms. For fun.

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