Game Pass Loses One Of Its Best Games, Gets One Of Ubisoft’s Worst

Game Pass Loses One Of Its Best Games, Gets One Of Ubisoft’s Worst
Image: Kitfox / Ubisoft

On the one hand, Game Pass is losing a lovingly-made dungeon crawler that Says Things about the existence of modern life. But on the other hand, at least it’s getting one of the most callous Ubisoft map games in recent memory (I’ll give you one guess). Here’s what’s coming to Microsoft’s games-on-demand service in the coming weeks.

August 2

  • Ghost Recon Wildlands (cloud, console, PC)

August 4

  • Shenzen I/O (PC)
  • Turbo Golf Racing (cloud, next-gen console, PC)

August 9

  • Two Point Campus (cloud, console, PC)

August 11

  • Cooking Simulator (cloud, console, PC)
  • Expeditions: Rome (PC)
  • Offworld Trading Company (PC)

And here’s the full list of as of August 15:

  • Boyfriend Dungeon (cloud, console, PC)
  • Curse of the Dead Gods (cloud, console, PC)
  • Library of Ruina (cloud, console, PC)
  • Starmancer, via Game Preview (PC)
  • Train Sim World 2 (cloud, console, PC)

Boyfriend Dungeon, despite the messy, bad-faith controversy that defined its release last summer, is easily one of the most engaging dungeon-crawlers in recent years. Part dating sim, you date people who can transform into weapons, and use those weapons to battle the physical manifestations of your anxieties in isometric combat. Not only is the combat a blast, but it also features some sharp dialogue rife with incisive commentary about the good and ill of modern dating. It is a bummer to see it leave.

This month’s big Game Pass addition, Ghost Recon Wildlands, has…a lot less to say. Sure, Ubisoft’s co-op shooter sports solid gunplay and an impressively large, if not exactly lively, open world. But it’s also a politically abhorrent, borderline propagandistic game, portraying Bolivia as a narco-state overrun by cocaine-running cartels: You play as a squad of U.S. special forces swooping in to “save” the “day.” Ubisoft did such a poor job at representing the country that Bolivia’s interior minister sent a formal letter to the French government and threatened legal action.

But hey, at least Turbo Golf Racing — a game that basically looks like Rocket League grafted onto a golf course, and also a game that I’m only just learning about today — looks cool AF.



  • Imagine calling something the worst because it doesn’t just fall in line with your moronic requirement that absolutely everything adhere to your politics and ideals, even when based in fictional settings that actually don’t have any bearing on real world counterparts.

    These US authors really are just SO far gone if they’re still harping on about this nonsense with Wildlands.

    • A game that just flat out lies about all kinds of really politically sensitive topics – to the point where the government of that country gets involved – is a big deal. That’s not being angry because it doesn’t fall into line with moronic politics, it’s called being a journalist.

      A seriously fucked up and racist product created to profit off xenophobia and dog whistling is ok but someone saying it’s bad is what gets you upset? Maybe you should think about who has moronic politics.

      • ” A game that just flat out lies”

        It’s almost as if it’s fictional, Did you get upset when you found out there isn’t actually a magical wizard school in England you could go to as well?

      • “racist product”

        Bolivians aren’t a race.

        It’s fictional, the same way mad Max is filmed in Australia.

        I think you’re reading into it too much.

      • You really are a blabbering fool.

        I know this because nothing came of the Bolivian government ‘stepping in’, yet you use it like some sort of ‘Gotcha!’, like some argument or article of proof that it was something when it was actually entirely meaningless.

        But if we follow your logic, I assume you are going to start defending every country who comes out to say they dislike how others portray them now. Russia? Oooh, what about China? I mean according to the Chinese government basically everyone lies about them.

        I kid, I kid… Especially when I know people like you LOVE to pick and choose where your oh-so-bulletproof logic applies and where it doesn’t, purely so it fits the utter fantasy you spew.

        Meanwhile, the rest of us will remain in the reality we can actually differentiate from fiction.

        • *sigh* I got halfway through writing out a long post about media representation, propaganda, semantic manipulation, international sovereignty, the history of abusive US intervention in south america and capitalism riding the coattails of US imperialism and… I’m just tired.

          You’re right. Whatever you think I was saying is exactly what I was saying. You’re too smart for propaganda to work, all media is consumed in a vacuum and racism is only when someone who looks not like you does a thing that makes you mad.

    • Except Breakpoint was critically panned especially since it cut features and delivered a subpar gaming experience by using RPG looter shooter mechanics (which took them over 2 years to update to deliver a half the features) so Wild lands is still held in higher regards especially in the community.

      And when it was finally considered good, they filled it with dodgy NFTs no one wanted and then canned future updates mothballing the whole series.

      • Yeah I wasn’t really clear there, my bad.
        I didn’t mean Wildlands was bad and we got the wonderful Breakpoint, I meant terrible takes like this is why we ended up with the bland as crap, wonder white bread that was Breakpoint.

        Don’t even get me started on how a controversial but realistic depiction of cartel culture was deemed offensive but another tribal by numbers Polynesian soup for pacific authenticity was viewed as, doing better.
        (The latter being my own culture)

  • Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one with a functional memory, Wildlands was well received, Breakpoint was the shit show. If you can’t separate reality and fiction you shouldn’t be playing games. Considering Ubisoft makes some of the most obviously anti-conservatism games around I’m willing to give them a pass and doubt there was any ill intention at all.

  • Looks like all games listed under ‘And here’s the full list of as of August 15:’ are actually leaving Game Pass.

  • This is a really bad take, Wildlands was actually a really good Tom Clancy game and fit within the connected universe well. Some circles even celebrate it as the last good Tom Clancy game.

    It is openly says that it’s environment and characters are a work of fiction before any gameplay and the enemy faction (the Santa Blanca cartel) is not even native to the area of operation, the only point that I will concede on is that the cartel members are absolute charactures of “gangbangers”, and it is really unfortunate that there is not a more serious tone amongst the enemy rank and file.

    I appreciate that you might not like western centric military shooters Ari, but it’s obvious that you haven’t given completed the game or even given it any more time than the minimum requirements to write this article when you label it “Propaganda” and say it “has less to say”. I personally learnt so much about the Bolivian culture and history just by the decription of the in-game collectibles which even helped me bond with a new colleague that was originally from Bolivia. Additionally if you play the game to the actual ending, the game gives you a pretty apt and dark description on US politics.

    For anyone still reading this, if you haven’t played Ghost Recon Wildlands, absolutely give it a try, it is worth your time. Well maybe everything untill the weak marketing mandated Rainbow six crossover.


  • Chiming in to agree that Wildlands was not only far from being ‘one of Ubisoft’s worst’, it was in fact actually really good. Especially towards the end of its support. I WISH Breakpoint had been more like Wildlands instead.

    Agree that Boyfriend Dungeon is great and will be missed, anyone who hasn’t played it should try it out before it’s gone.

    Library of Ruina is also excellent, and to my surprise an extension of the world of Lobotomy Corporation (which was a VERY different game). Starmancer and Curse of the Dead Gods were also fun little diversions, but I couldn’t get into either for especially long.

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