It Sure Seems Like Xbox Is Teasing Death Stranding For PC Game Pass

It Sure Seems Like Xbox Is Teasing Death Stranding For PC Game Pass

Can you take a look at something for me real quick? I want you to look at the new profile pic on the PC Game Pass socials.

Image: PC Game Pass on Twitter

What game do you think that background is from? Because the internet thinks it’s from Death Stranding. It could, conceivably, be from Starfield too, but that’s not stopping the theorising.

You might well be thinking, David, why the hell are we talking about a Twitter account changing its profile pic? We’re talking about it because Xbox wanted us to notice the change.

It pointed out the new profile pic and its contents because it wanted to draw attention to it. The internet detectives instantly went to work.

But most of the responses are just a gut check. One detective, however, seems to have cracked the case, finding the exact spot depicted in the display pic in Death Stranding.

All this points to a surprise announcement at Gamescom next week. If it pans out, Death Stranding coming to PC Game Pass would be quite a get for Xbox. Death Stranding is, obviously, published by PlayStation on its own platforms as a console exclusive. Sony has, to date, been quite pleased to have the game to itself in the console space, even including it among key art for its first-party studios. The PC version, however, is published by 505 Games, which would be how Xbox could open that door if it wanted to. Getting Death Stranding on the console version of Game Pass would be out of reach, but the PC version is likely another story.

Xbox also confirmed during its June showcase that it would partner with Kojima Productions on a new title. Bringing Death Stranding to PC Game Pass could be the first step in that new relationship.

All of this comes after weeks of legal squabbling over Xbox’s plans to acquire Activision Blizzard and PlayStation’s concerns that Game Pass availability could harm its relationship with breadwinner Call of Duty. Though it would have been planned well before any legal proceedings began, nicking a game considered a PlayStation gem and putting it on Game Pass could certainly be seen as a thumbing of the nose.

Anyway, thoughts? Squint at the display pic and help me determine its origin. Is that Death Stranding? Please theorise wildly in the comments.

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