Bugs Bunny Has Emerged As MultiVersus’ Most Powerful 2v2 Pick

Bugs Bunny Has Emerged As MultiVersus’ Most Powerful 2v2 Pick

Confirming my suspicion that Bugs Bunny is fucking OP, the top MultiVersus players appear to favour Warner’s wascally wabbit.

Bugs has emerged as an early favourite among MultiVersus‘ highest-ranked players. Bugs mains account for five out of the Top 10 highest ranked players on the game’s 2v2 global leaderboard. This includes KoboldHeart, who currently occupies the #1 spot. Kobold holds an awe-inspiring MMR of 2739, and their match record could best be described as Bugs Bunny Murders The WB Multiverse.

So which other characters round out the top ten? Tom & Jerry make up two places on their own. At the time of writing, a Shaggy, a Batman, and an Iron Giant filled out the remaining spots. By the time you read this, that may have shifted around a bit.

The solo leaderboards look a little different. Bugs isn’t anywhere near as dominant in MultiVersus1v1 mode, which seems to indicate that he’s stronger in the team fight. His burrow move lets him melt into the fray and get behind distracted opponents. From there, he is free to swing his extraordinarily powerful mallet and unleash the pie of shame.

Furthermore, MultiVersus developer Player First Games is aware of Bugs’ current power. In reply to one player considering a Bugs purchase, game director Tony Huynh said that nerfs for Bugs would arrive after EVO. EVO, of course, is the world’s most popular fighting game tournament, which takes place in Las Vegas this coming weekend.

I find how FGC players poke at the bounds of a new fighting game exciting. How they rapidly drill down into the game’s core systems through a training level and footsies alone and figure out the power differentials never ceases to amaze me. When I said I thought Bugs was powerful, perhaps too much so, it was based on nothing more than a gut feeling and a couple of hundred hours of Smash Bros over five hardware generations. Nice to know I’ve still got my eye in.

MultiVersus is out now on every major platform but the Switch. It might cost you a bit of money, but you can now play as LeBron James if you want.


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