Overwatch League Team Apologizes To Support Player For Firing Him Via A Damn Tweet

Overwatch League Team Apologizes To Support Player For Firing Him Via A Damn Tweet

Losing a job is always an uprooting event, but getting fired in public is straight-up embarrassing, especially when you don’t know it’s coming. That’s exactly what happened this week in the world of the Overwatch League (OWL), with the New York Excelsior team unceremoniously terminating main support player Sang-min “Myunb0ng” Seo in maybe the worst way possible: A damn tweet. And get this: It happened just hours after the NYXL welcomed a brand-new player to the team. Yikes.

As spotted by The Verge reporter and former Kotaku Dot Com staffer Ash Parish, the NYXL announced on August 10 that Soon-jae “Ansoonjae” Jae had joined the team as the new main support player. Roster changes happen all the time in OWL, sure, but adding another person to the critical role of keeping everyone alive while providing team status effect boosts would give Myunb0ng a much-needed break. So, it was cool news! I mean, why not increase the number of people on your bench? However, that wasn’t the case, as a few hours after the announcement, the NYXL then tweeted a farewell to Myunb0ng while thanking him for his “dedication and hard work.”

Talk about a face crack. (Image: Myunb0ng / Kotaku / Twitter)
Talk about a face crack. (Image: Myunb0ng / Kotaku / Twitter)

You can probably imagine the surprised Pikachu face Myunb0ng had when this now-deleted tweet hit his TL. In fact, he was so shook by the announcement that he replied with some question marks. Myunb0ng went further and quote-retweeted the NYXL with another question mark, seemingly indicating that he wasn’t made aware of this out-of-nowhere termination.

After the NYXL took the tweet saying goodbye to Myunb0ng down, the team then posted a statement detailing the matter. The tweet stated that the NYXL “failed to properly communicate with the team before this announcement was made.” They apologised to Myunb0ng for the miscommunication, wished him the best in his future endeavours, and promised this mistake won’t happen again.

Myunb0ng clarified that he was “notified during the team feedback session” that the OWL itself had dropped him and that a social media and marketing mistake led to the unexpected announcement on Twitter. For this reason, Myunb0ng said, the news that he was suddenly dropped by the NYXL “feels very unwarranted,” even if it feels incredibly abrupt.

Regardless, the community was baffled by the news. Most shared in the utter confusion of what happened, while others seemed frustrated by the “mistake” the NYXL made here. Members of OWL, such as caster Mitch Leslie and Houston Outlaws tank Shin “Piggy” Min-jun, tweeted in support of Myunb0ng. Everyone else pretty much dragged the NYXL through the internet dirt.

Kotaku has reached out to Ansoonjae, Myunb0ng, NYXL, and OWL for comment.

The Overwatch League returns today at 3 p.m. ET for the Summer Showdown Qualifiers Tournament, which leads up to the actual Summer Showdown in Toronto this September. You can watch the Qualifiers live all weekend long on the official Overwatch League YouTube channel.



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