Overwatch’s Paid Loot Boxes Are Finally Going Away

Overwatch’s Paid Loot Boxes Are Finally Going Away

Overwatch’s Loot Boxes may not have been the first in video game history, but they quickly became one of the most important, even if we were sick of them as early as June 2016, which was…one month after the game’s release.

While somewhat novel at the time, they helped pave the way for even worse examples, like Battlefront II’s disastrous implementation, and as profitable as they were for publishers they were also so unpopular with fans (and with governments and regulators who accuse them of encouraging kids to gamble) that many series — including Overwatch itself — have begun to move away from them.

That’s right, Overwatch 2 won’t be using Loot Boxes, instead opting for a more direct way of purchasing stuff:

There will be no Loot Boxes in Overwatch 2. Instead, the modernised live service will give our players the power to shape their own experiences. Players can acquire the items they want directly through the Battle Pass and an all-new and consistently updated in-game shop. Our team will create and deliver seasonal content every nine weeks to ensure there’s always something fresh and exciting waiting for everyone.

And with the sequel due out soon (it’s currently slated for an October release), that means the end is near for Overwatch 1’s Loot Boxes. Blizzard announced earlier today that after August 30, players won’t be able to buy them anymore, bundling the news with a plea for users to go and buy some Loot Boxes one last time:

Earn and purchase Anniversary Loot Boxes throughout the event! Each Loot Box has a chance to contain items from past Anniversary and seasonal events; don’t wait too long to snag those skins you’ve been eyeing for the past year, though–Loot Boxes will no longer be available for sale after the end of the Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 event on August 30. However, you will still be able to earn standard loot boxes after the end of the event.

So there’ll still be some to earn, just not to buy. Interestingly, Blizzard adds that any Loot Boxes that players are sitting on “will open automatically before the launch of Overwatch 2“.

RIP, Loot Boxes. You will not be missed.


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