Pac-Man Live-Action Film In The Works, For Some Reason

Pac-Man Live-Action Film In The Works, For Some Reason

Did you watch the latest Sonic live-action movie and think to yourself: “This is cool and all, but what about a movie like this, but starring Pac-Man from the Pac-Man video game franchise?!” Well, first off you got a weird brain. Secondly, I got good news for you as it has been reported that the world is indeed getting a live-action Pac-Man film. Hooray?

As first reported today by The Hollywood Reporter, Wayfarer Studios is teaming up with Lightbeam Entertainment and Pac-Man owners Bandai Namco to develop a live-action movie based on the popular character who first appeared in 1980 via the arcade smash hit, Pac-Man. The arcade game became a pop culture phenomenon, leading to numerous sequels, spin-offs, TV shows, and more. It also inspired a groovy track from Jerry Buckner & Gary Garcia called “Pac-Man Fever.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film will be based on a new, original story from Chuck Williams. While you might not recognise the name, Williams makes sense for this project as he previously worked as a producer on Paramount and Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog live-action flick. The movie is currently untitled and no release date or other information about it was shared by either Bandai Namco or Wayfarer.

Let’s take bets on what the story will be. I’m guessing Pac-Man comes out of the old arcade game, finds himself recreated in the real world somehow, and now has to deal with being an old video game character in our wild, modern world. I assume wacky things will happen. The trailer will have some Imagine Dragons pop song. It will make $US260 ($361) million and everyone involved will start saying stuff like “The Pac-Man movie universe” seriously in interviews.

I joke, but considering just how popular that recent Sonic sequel movie was and how well the first one did, I guess I can almost see the logic in making a Pac-Man movie. However, I can’t really see the logic in some other projects that are in the works, according to Variety, including a movie based on the card game Uno and Matchbox cars. What a world we live in…


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