Pokémon-like Ooblets Out For Switch In September, Leaves Early Access

Pokémon-like Ooblets Out For Switch In September, Leaves Early Access

Ooblets and all its cute little dancing creatures are leaving early access on both Xbox and PC next month. And the folks behind the game announced today that the adorable life sim is heading to Switch too, on September 1.

First released in Early Access through the Epic Store and the Xbox Preview Program in 2020, Ooblets is a bit of a hodgepodge, combining elements from life sims like Stardew Valley with the creature collecting of something like Pokémon. But instead of making these cute critters fight each other, Ooblets has them compete in dance-offs with players using different cards to control the flow of battle. And now the fun world of Ooblets is shimmying and shaking its way to a full 1.0 release, and also coming to Switch next month.

Ooblets is developed by indie studio Glumberland, and since it was first released it’s been extremely well received by both critics and fans. And today, as part of its announcement of the 1.0 update and Switch port release date, the studio has released a new trailer for the life sim.

While I haven’t played Ooblets in a while, I really enjoyed the game back when I checked it out in 2020. Here’s what I had to say back then:

There’s a large amount of stuff in Ooblets. Lots of people to talk to, side activities to try out, challenges to complete, furniture to buy, and farming to be done. You can grow crops to sell, eat, or even collect seeds from defeated Ooblets and grow new critters who join you on your adventure. I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting this much depth and was pleasantly surprised to find so much to do.

Since then, the team has continued to update the game, adding new areas and features. And with this upcoming 1.0 update, Glumberland says it’s adding even more, including the conclusion to the game’s main storyline.

Ooblets is out now on PC via the Epic Store and Xbox consoles and will be released on Switch, alongside the 1.0 update, on September 1, 2022.


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