Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s New Gym Leader Makes Fans Sexually Confused

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s New Gym Leader Makes Fans Sexually Confused
Image: Nintendo / Kotaku

When the Pokémon Presents stream showed off a new ice-type gym leader for the first time, many fans thought the trainer, Grusha, was a girl. But official materials eventually revealed that the leader of Glaseado Gym is actually a man who uses he/him pronouns. Some fans were startled when they realised that their new Poké-crush isn’t the gender that they’re attracted to. And I have no choice but to laugh.

The Pokémon Twitter account revealed that Grusha used to be a professional snowboarder, and that he is usually cool-headed, except during battles. The masculine pronouns confused some fans who thought that they got a female gym leader reveal, but most of the fandom has been receptive to his pronouns so far. Other, hornier fans had a personal crisis.

Bisexual Pokémon fans however, were completely unfazed. Others seem to have come around to their gay awakening. “If Grusha [is] a guy then call me gay,” said one Twitter user. Another fan was excited that more gamers were joining the gay agenda via a cute gym leader: “grusha fr giving so many people an unexpected gay awakening you love to see it.”

The devil works fast, but NSFW Pokémon fan artists work faster. Half of the explicit fanart that I saw had featured Grusha with a curvaceous body (Seriously, don’t view them on a work machine). One artist lamented that their NSFW fanart was no longer canon-compliant: “I SPEED DRAW GRUSHA WITH FAT TITS ONLY TO FIND OUT HES A DUDE WHEN IM PRACTICALLY DONE WITH THE PIECE GOD DAMNIT.” Another artist flat out refused to let some silly he/him pronouns stop them from drawing fanart of Grusha with huge badonkers. More power to them!

Big titty or small titty, all Grushas are good. Transmasculine Grusha would definitely be able to fit a ton of boobage underneath that heavy winter coat. So we should all stop worrying about his gender and be more worried about whether or not he’ll be a tough gym leader to beat.


  • Given its japan, if a guy is dressing ‘girly’ its likely a trap/crossdress situation.
    The west has gone all in on everything being some misunderstood identity, but the Japanese can still just have characters do things simply for liking it.

  • Don’t they mean a different sex than they’re typically attracted to? Since if they just use male pronouns but still have a Slot A for their Tab B to go into then theres no gay panic.

    Once again, gender is a useless societal concept and everyone should be referred to by their sex.

  • “Some fans were startled when they realised that their new Poké-crush isn’t the gender that they’re attracted to”

    If you have an “attraction” to a fictional, cartoon video game character, you have much bigger problems

    • First day on the internet?
      Most people wouldn’t admit it openly IRL, but you are joking if you don’t realise that its massive % of people who find fictional characters attractive.

      Now i aint saying all seek out and jack off to them, but at the very least find attractiveness in. You didnt find Mirandas butt in Mass effect a little attractive, how about 2Bs from Nier? Powergirl or Wonder woman from DC comics? Lara Croft?

      I think theres something a bit strange about you if you dont see how (sometimes quite realistic) depictions of people could trigger similar attraction seeing real people does for some people.

      • There’s a BIG difference between finding something “attractive” and being “attracted to” something.

        • Not really, given the informal speech generally used by all on the internet, most people wouldn’t mean any difference between those.
          And i doubt many would even realise the SMALL difference between the two.

  • Disappointing to see that Sisi thinks a vile den of Asian fetishisation, racism, and lgbt-phobia like 4chan is an acceptable source.

  • Reminds me of ancient times when Hanson came on TV and I told a mate I hated them and he replied, “Yeah but I have a crush on the singer, she’s cute”

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